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Inspiring future leaders through Work Integrated Learning
Tap into the diverse talents of our 16,000+ students, enriching your organisation with their fresh insights, varied knowledge, innovative ideas and critical thinking.

Work with us to design opportunities to meet your needs, fostering reciprocal learning outcomes and valuable experiences for students. Our students can apply their academic knowledge to address your organisation's challenges and implement sustainable solutions. 

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

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Work Integrated Learning (WIL) encompasses practical, theoretically informed learning experiences. In collaboration with industry and community partners, students gain exposure to professional settings. Our Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers WIL programs that develop competencies, disciplinary expertise, and career planning while nurturing holistic personal and professional growth. 

Benefits of Work Integrated Learning

  • Engage with a diverse future workforce, evaluating potential employees in a real-world context.

  • Access fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

  • Foster leadership and mentorship opportunities for your employees.

  • Enhance your reputation among our students. 

  • Gain authentic workforce experience.

  • Build networks with industry contacts and potential employers.

  • Apply academic knowledge to real-world challenges.

  • Navigate career aspirations and pathways

  • Develop professional identity.

Our Work Integrated Learning initiatives

Student placements and internships

Have our students research, analyse and present solutions to challenges identified by your organisation as part of their degree. As a partner, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with an academic lead and a group of students from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, while our students research, analyse and present solutions to challenges identified by your organisation as part of their degree.

The University has partnered with over 60 leading business, government and community organisations in Australia and globally. Learn about some of our industry projects:

Sydney Policy Reform Project

The Sydney Policy Reform Project facilitates groups of high-achieving Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences students to perform volunteer research for policy organisations, to assist them with their policy and law reform work under supervision of University academics with relevant expertise.

The project provides unique benefits to policy organisations including extensive pro bono research assistance tailored to their needs. Since 2019, over 230 students and 39 academics have contributed for the project and together they have produced approximately 45 papers for highly respected government and non-profit organisations. Many of our partner organisations have acknowledged the work of the Project in their official publications.

ABC: Innovation Research Project

In collaboration with Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), this project introduces our students in Media and Communications to researching innovation practices in the Australian media industry with application to the ABC. Students will research a policy program or product strategy in response to problems identified by the ABC, prepare a management report detailing proposed problem-solving outcomes and present these proposals to media executives.

Randstad Australia Industry and Community Project

In collaboration with Randstad Australia, our students worked on the question ‘‘can AI compute a match between a resume and a job?’ This project saw students from across disciplines such as  arts, cognitive science, design, pharmacy and more work together on this complex problem and propose their final solutions in front of the Randstad CEO.

Read Emma's experience working on the project and how it led to a professional internship.

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