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Meet our Sydney Underground Film Festival reporters

7 August 2018
The best of experimental and indie cinema comes to Sydney
The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is excited to be partnering with the Sydney Underground Film Festival, to bring the best of indie cinema from around the world to Sydney. Meet our reporters Lily Langman and Michael Sun, who'll be bringing us news and reviews direct from the festival.

Lily Langman

Lily Langman

Lily is a third-year Media and Communications student majoring in Film Studies. Between studying, writing and her part-time dog grooming job, Lily dreams about how her life would look if directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (with an 80s synth track and Ryan Gosling in a silk scorpion jacket).

With a passion for female filmmaking and angsty teen stories, she hopes to become a film producer and work towards a new, more inclusive, golden age of Hollywood.

Lily has published for London based travel company, Seatfrog, mastering the art of email marketing, creative social media content and quality puns. She's also published for the University of Sydney’s Honi Soit and written about vampires and cherries for the zine MisFizGig. Her love for film was only strengthened following her exchange to the University of California, Los Angeles, learning alongside top cinematographers and enjoying the Californian sunshine. Academically, Lily's journalistic rigor was recognized in the 2017 Catherine Lumby Award for Academic Excellence as part of her degree.

With an eye for the freshest aesthetics, Lily looks forward to exploring the latest in unconventional cinema at the 2018 Sydney Underground Film Festival.

Michael Sun

Michael Sun

Michael Sun is a third-year Media and Communications student who has changed majors more times than he's watched Call Me By Your Name (which is to say, a lot). Currently majoring in English and Film Studies, he likes to pretend his taste in films is "elevated" when in reality it consists 90% of B-grade offerings only found at the bottom of Netflix's dark depths. 

When not accidentally signing up to multiple memberships at the same cinema (Palace Central has yet to respond to his multiple frantic emails), Michael is a designer for literary journal Voiceworks and a freelance film writer for publications like like VICEJunkee and Overland. Last year, he also edited Honi Soit. 

Catch him on Instagram or Twitter, or check out his website.


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