20 November 2019

Graduate gives $175,000 to support Department of Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies

Peter Pontikis, an alumnus of the University of Sydney, has generously pledged to donate a total of $175,000 for the teaching of Modern Greek language and culture.
13 November 2019

$10,000 scholarships for postgraduate study

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is offering start-up scholarships worth $10,000 for domestic applicants commencing postgraduate studies in 2020.
11 November 2019

From the Dean

As the end of the year looms and various tasks take on a new sense of urgency, it is a Dean’s pleasure to reflect on the many achievements of the staff, students and alumni of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
05 November 2019

University of Sydney graduate’s mission to make poor families safer

Alexie Seller graduated from the University of Sydney in 2011 with a combined degree in arts and mechanical engineering. Now as Co-founding Director of Pollinate Group, the entrepreneur is empowering women entrepreneurs to provide clean energy to neglected communities in India and Nepal.