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14 August 2020

Philosophy curriculum responds to COVID 19

We are learning from COVID-19 that building solid medical knowledge is not easy. In Semester 2 ‘Philosophy of Medicine' will focus on medical theories of knowledge to ask what constitutes good and bad medical evidence.
14 August 2020

COVID-19 and the Social Contract

Lockdowns and the need for government interventions have brought the issue of the social contract to the fore during the COVID-19 crisis. Given the social contract is a philosophical idea, perhaps philosophers have something to say about this situation.
13 August 2020

Arts grad at work: Living in Singapore, working at Facebook

Two weeks after graduating, Anastasia Pavlovic moved to Singapore to begin a graduate role at Facebook. Although she may have arrived at university unsure which path to take, choosing Indonesian Studies became “the best decision” Anastasia ever made.
11 August 2020

Feeling glum? 10 positive stories you may have missed

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still some good happening in the world. Here are ten of the University of Sydney's most promising and positive stories that you may have missed.
11 August 2020

Education grad at work: On being a young high school teacher

Following an internship, Jason was offered a full-time role and now teaches History, English and Geography. Here, he shares insights into how his degree supports his work in the classroom and the quality of his tutors at Sydney.
07 August 2020

Virgin Australia on life support

The private equity takeover of Virgin offers a lifeline to the struggling airline, but is unlikely to amount to more than that, writes Associate Professor of Economics, Mark Melatos, for The Conversation.
05 August 2020

"I'm not addicted!" Kids have a right to play - even digitally

Children adopt the word "addicted" to describe a game as fun or to say how long they played it. But adults use it as a pathology - and that can harm kids.
04 August 2020

Student spotlight: The USYD community and studying online

We recently caught up with second year Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations) student Nikita Papastamatis, to ask him why he choose Sydney, what classes were like online and how he came to major in Philosophy.
04 August 2020

A feminist approach to the Anthropocene

Feelings are not an obvious tool in the intellectual processes of academic research. Yet Dr Astrida Neimanis uses “feel-ed work” in her study of the relationship between people and water. She is writing a book with the ambiguous working title The Feeling of Water and, yes, she cares how the earth’s waters feel as a result of human activities.
03 August 2020

International student spotlight: Study at Sydney and online

When COVID-19 hit, international student Urvashi Bandhu had just started her second year. She doubted if classes could be run online effectively and whether she would cope. Now, she quite enjoys it and says it shouldn't deter students from enrolling.