25 June 2020

Politics student wins University Medal and Michael Jackson Prize

Bachelor Arts/Bachelor of Laws student Nina Dillon Britton has been awarded the 2020 University Medal and Michael Jackson Prize for achieving the highest mark in Government honours.
24 June 2020

Call for SCRIPTS 2020 doctoral fellowships now open

The Cluster of Excellence “Contestations of the Liberal Script” (SCRIPTS) is offering up to four postdoctoral fellowships within its International Research College (IRC).
19 June 2020

Why Brexit will last forever

Brexit, the word and the movement, are less than a decade old. But if you want to understand Britain’s split from Europe, Dr Marco Duranti argues that you need to know the history of Europeanism, Euroscepticism, populism and the role of British Conservatives in reuniting Europe after World War II.
19 June 2020

Project to end violence against women in New Guinea wins global competition

PhD candidate in Sociology, Kaiya Aboagye and her team have won the prestigious Map the System Global Competition, which challenges students to create systemic social or environmental change.
16 June 2020

Linguistics without borders

Dr Ahmar Mahboob often uses the name “Prof Nomad” on social media, and he describes himself as a “troublemaker”. He disputes conventional Western thinking about language, and would like to decolonise the way linguistics and social sciences are taught around the world.
16 June 2020

Widening the conversation about adoption and foster care

Every child should have a safe and stable home, but for many reasons that can’t always be with their own family. Recent reforms to out-of-home care in New South Wales aim to move more children into permanent rather than short-term care, while keeping contact with their birth parents.
09 June 2020

Thinking about affirmative feminist boys studies

A boy slams a door on a girl and her mother says, “You’re OK. He did it ’cause he likes you.” A father tells his son in a backyard cricket game, “Don’t chuck like a girl, mate.”
05 June 2020

Fostering lifelong connections for children in permanent care

Undertake an independent research project, related to keeping children in permanent out-of-home care connected to family and culture, supported by the Research Centre for Children and Families, School of Education and Social Work.
03 June 2020

Learning our country’s past for a better tomorrow

Through interdisciplinary partnership, students learn first-hand insights about language maintenance and cultural preservation.
03 June 2020

The COVID Crisis: Lessons Learned, What Next?

Participants in the 2020 CISS Global Forum reflect on how COVID-19 is impacting geopolitics, fuelling online misinformation and sidelining the climate emergency.