08 September 2023

Sydney Spotlight with Dr Chris Pepin-Neff

This Disability Inclusion Week we talk to Dr Chris Pepin-Neff who has recently been appointed as Associate Dean (Student Affairs) in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS).
04 September 2023

Parents worst affected by COVID-19 lockdown

A University of Sydney study of the second longest lockdown worldwide found that mothers, in particular, were the loneliest demographic and suffered the largest physical and mental health declines as a result. The research was published in Nature Human Behaviour.
28 August 2023

Early career researchers awarded $5.1m funding

The University of Sydney has received funding for 12 research projects through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme.
24 August 2023

Game plan: How a former AFL umpire and researcher is keeping sport and schools inclusive

With a career ranging from professional Australian Rules football umpire to Senior Lecturer researching bullying in schools, Dr Rawlings' game-changing insights are helping institutions to become more inclusive.
23 August 2023

Indonesian Studies in action: enriching local and global engagement

For over 65 years, the study of Indonesia at Sydney has led to partnerships with the local Indonesian community and Indonesia. National, bilateral and international connections continue today – including with the Consulate General of Indonesia and UNESCO.
21 August 2023

Universities can help fix governments hooked on consultants

There is no question that we need a more active, creative, and capable public service. To do that, education and research in the area needs urgent attention, writes Professor Duncan Ivison.
18 August 2023

Domestic violence: convictions more likely with pre-recorded evidence

The first quantitative analysis of NSW evidence reforms shows that a victim-centred approach to domestic violence prosecutions is yielding results.
16 August 2023

Sydney Spotlight with Associate Professor Jen Scott Curwood

We chat to Associate Professor Jen Scott Curwood about her role in supporting ethical research, integrating games into the secondary English curriculum, and sparking youth engagement and creativity through narrative-based videogames.
15 August 2023

Experience Germany: expanding horizons with overseas immersion

Learning a new language overseas unlocks new skillsets and possibilities for the future. Finance and Computer Science student Ryan Fung shares what he gained from his experience in Berlin, where he learnt the German language for the first time.
14 August 2023

Experience Korea: unlocking new language and cultural knowledge

Through an intensive in-country program, undergraduate students can delve into the local culture to learn the Korean language. We speak to Media and Communications student Nandini Dhir about her recent overseas immersion in Seoul.