Sydney Spotlight with Associate Professor Jen Scott Curwood

16 August 2023
Empowering ethical research and engaging youth creativity
We chat to Associate Professor Jen Scott Curwood about her role in supporting ethical research, integrating games into the secondary English curriculum, and sparking youth engagement and creativity through narrative-based videogames.
Image of Associate Professor Jen Scott Curwood with her sons Luca and Cole

Associate Professor Jen Scott Curwood with her sons Luca (centre) and Cole (right).

My favourite thing about my role as Research Integrity Advisor is...

I have the opportunity to support researchers as they navigate integrity concerns, ethical considerations, and research partnerships. The Research Integrity Office is an amazing resource at the University of Sydney, and I have learned so much about the responsible conduct of research through my role as a Research Integrity Advisor and my prior service as Chair of the Humanities Ethics Committee.

I am currently working on...

An exciting new research project that examines the intersection of narratives and videogames. Supported by a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences External Engagement Grant, we have partnered with a local school and a videogame development company to explore how games can impact young people's engagement and creativity.

The project is interesting to me because...

I spent many years as a high school teacher, and I love being back in the school environment. We are taking a co-design approach to professional learning and are working closely with teachers to integrate games into the secondary English curriculum.

I am also involved in the Sydney Games and Play Lab in collaboration with Associate Professor Marcus Carter and Research Associate Premeet Sidhu. Our team is great at leveraging our collective knowledge of play and pedagogy to make a meaningful impact on young people’s learning and engagement.

My favourite place to go on campus is...

Courtyard Restaurant in the Holme Building – it’s the perfect meeting point!

Something that might surprise people about me...

I am a mum to a two-year-old and a 24-year-old. Luca is a happy and active toddler, and Cole recently completed a term as President of the University of Sydney Union while pursuing his Honours in mechatronics engineering and psychological science.

Banner image by Branden Skeli on Unsplash.

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