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Two funded opportunities under Sydney-Glasgow Joint PhD program

20 March 2024
Work alongside researchers from prestigious institutions
Two funded positions are available to support candidates to do a Joint PhD at the University of Glasgow and the University of Sydney. Collaborate with leading researchers, spend time at each campus and receive a joint degree. Positions are in the areas of Sociology and Political Economy, and Economics and History.

The University of Sydney’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the University of Glasgow’s College of Social Sciences have unveiled two new joint PhD projects, providing opportunities for aspiring PhD candidates from across the world to work alongside leading research supervisors. The successful candidates will be jointly enrolled at both institutions, with Glasgow as the home institution and the University of Sydney as the host institution.

The funded Joint PhD opportunities

The health and wellbeing impacts of the energy transition for low-income renters: a comparative UK-Australia study 

This project will advance understanding of the health and well-being impacts for low-income renter households of energy transition measures proposed by governments, and design solutions to redress identified adverse impacts as integral to these proposed measures while also generating co-benefits more broadly for society. It will conduct a comparative study between two locations which are increasingly experiencing extreme weather events with significant adverse population impacts and have high concentrations of low- income renter households – Glasgow, Scotland and Sydney, Australia.

Project will be co-hosted by:

For more information, please visit the University of Glasgow Student Funding Opportunities page.

The Socio-Economic Impacts of Colonialisation in Australia

Since the early European settlements in the late 18th century, the economic history of Australia is very deeply linked to its colonisation. This project will create a rich dataset to measure the impact that British colonialisation had on its Australian colonies on a range of economic outcomes in the short and long run. Using British and Irish records of settlers, Australian arrival records and subsequent censuses, together with current and recent rich administrative health records and surveys, the project will:

  • measure the mortality, morbidity, and characteristics of settlers travelling to Australia in the short run and understand how the selection of surviving settlers still impacts the health of current Australians. 

  •  analyse the impact of the relative arrival of free versus convict settlers across different areas in Australian on the severity and incidence of indigenous massacres and current political views. 

Project will be co-hosted by:

For more information, please visit the University of Glasgow Student Funding Opportunities page.

Award Details

The program will commence in October 2024. The funding is provided by the University of Glasgow and is available as a scholarship for the maximum of 3.25 years. The full funding package includes:

  • An annual maintenance grant (stipend) at the UK Research and Innovation rate (UKRI).
  • Tuition fees at the University of Glasgow (including fee-waiver at the University of Sydney).
  • Successful candidates can also draw on a Research Training Support Grant, up to a maximum of approximately £940 per year.
  • A one-off travel grant of up to £3,000 to facilitate the required travel between Glasgow and Sydney.

Candidates with the relevant research interests from across the world, are encouraged to apply. Applications close on 19 April 2024.

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