Unlocking Career Pathways: Placement Experience with Business France

27 March 2024
Bachelor of Arts student shares her placement experience insights
Meet Lara, a final-year Politics and International Relations student with aspirations to become an international diplomat. Through her recent placement experience with Business France, she offers candid reflections on the practical realities of her field.

Now in her final year of a Bachelors of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations), Lara Munahe offers insights into her placement program experience with Business France. 

We recently caught up with Lara to hear about the program's transformative impact on both her educational journey and professional aspirations, providing valuable guidance for prospective participants.

What did you expect to gain from a placement?

"My primary expectation from a placement was to gain practical, hands-on experience in my field of study. I wanted to apply the theoretical knowledge I've acquired in the classroom to real-world scenarios. Additionally, I aimed to build professional networks, gain insights into potential career paths, and improve my employability upon graduation."

Why did you apply for this specific placement opportunity?

"I applied for this specific placement opportunity because it aligns closely with my career goals and interests. As a French and Francophone major, and with my desire to become an international diplomat, I wanted to apply to Business France where I would work in an environment surrounded by French speakers and gain connections around the Australian-France relations sector."

Lara Munahe

Lara Munahe, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations) student

"A significant portion of my day would be dedicated to conducting market research and analysis. This involved researching target markets, analysing market trends, studying competitor activities, and assessing regulatory frameworks. However, not all research is done behind a computer, my supervisor and I regularly get out of the office and do some in-person research and explore the Australian health and wellbeing market in events such as the recent MindBodySpirit Festival at the ICC."

'Networking is vital in every industry, but it holds particular importance in the realm of international relations. Engaging in an international environment exposes you not only to diverse perspectives and cultures but also to invaluable connections and work opportunities in the future.'
Lara Munahe, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations) student

Can you share some specific projects or tasks you were involved in?

"During my placement, I conducted comprehensive research on target markets to identify potential opportunities for expansion from French companies in Australia. This included analysing market trends, competitor activities, and consumer behaviours and providing insights for strategic decision-making for Business France clientele."

What would you say to students who are unsure about participating in the placement program?

"For students who are unsure about participating in the placement program, I would encourage them to seriously consider the benefits it offers. A placement provides invaluable hands-on experience, allows you to explore different career paths, and helps you develop essential skills that will benefit you in the long run. It's an opportunity to test your knowledge in a real-world setting, build professional connections, and increase your employability. Even if you're uncertain about your career direction, a placement can provide clarity and insight into your interests and strengths."

Placement opportunities at the School of Social and Political Sciences

Our placement program provides students with a chance to blend their academic learning with practical experience, preparing them for the dynamic job market. Through work-integrated learning and skill development, students tackle specialized projects with top-tier government and private sector entities, as well as local and international NGOs, research firms, and think tanks. Explore our internships and placements to discover more opportunities for hands-on learning.

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