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Classics and Ancient History ranks first in Australia

24 May 2024
QS survey recognises Sydney's excellence
Professor Peter Wilson, Chair of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Sydney, celebrates the Discipline's achievement as it clinches the top spot in Australia in the 2024 QS Top Universities survey.

Classics and Ancient History, housed within the School of Humanities at the University of Sydney, has clinched the top spot in Australia in the latest QS Top Universities survey, reaffirming its global reputation for excellence.

Reflecting on this remarkable recognition, Professor Peter Wilson, Chair of Classics and Ancient History at Sydney, expressed his gratitude. "This accolade is especially gratifying because, of all the methods by which University subjects are assessed and ranked these days, the QS approach is based on an extremely wide and deep survey of our international academic peers from all around the world," he emphasised.

Wilson highlighted the comprehensive nature of the QS survey, underscoring that it reflects the collective knowledge and judgment of academics globally. "The result reflects their knowledge and judgment of what we do," he added.

The QS survey places a particular emphasis on key aspects of academic excellence, focusing on the quality of teaching, research, international outlook, and graduate employability. Wilson noted, "The QS survey also focusses on the aspects of the discipline’s collective work in which we take the most pride: the quality of our teaching, and of our research; the internationalism of our outlook and the employability of our graduates."

Speaking to the dynamic nature of the discipline, Wilson highlighted its continual evolution despite its longstanding history within the university. "Classics at Sydney is as old as the University itself, but constantly evolving," he said.

The discipline's comprehensive approach and global connections were also emphasised. "Our students benefit from the latest developments in research for which we’re known leaders," Wilson explained. "We also have very strong and long-standing connections with some of the greatest centres of learning in the world."

Citing an example of international collaboration, Wilson mentioned a recent exchange program established with the Faculty of Classics at the University of Cambridge. "Recently for instance I established a collaborative exchange with the Faculty of Classics at the University of Cambridge," he shared.

This not only brings huge intellectual and personal rewards to our faculty and students involved in the exchange program. It also expands the horizons of our students and strengthens long-term relations between our institutions.

Professor Peter Wilson (FAHA) is the William Ritchie Professor of Classics
Discipline of Classics and Ancient History.