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An Australian World

Podcast series

Professor James Curran from the Discipline of History explores Australia's global relations and responses from the late 19th Century to the present day. Covering historical, cultural, ideological, economic, and strategic influences on government foreign and defence policies, it delves into themes that continue to shape Australia's place in the world.

History of University Life

Podcast series

Whose University? Whose Culture? Three podcasts, three views on university culture. Professor Julia Horne talks with eminent university strategists Professor Lisa Jackson-Pulver, Professor Jennifer Barrett and Professor Tim Soutphommasane about their own experiences in bringing about cultural change.

English and Writing@USYD

Podcast series

A podcast series about the discipline of English and Writing at the University of Sydney.

Time for Trust

Podcast series

In an age of polarisation and misinformation, ARC Laureate Professor Terry Flew of the University of Sydney explores what can be done to rebuild the public’s trust in our most vital institutions.

How was it really?

Podcast series

What makes someone study modern China, colonial Australia, renaissance Italy, the indigenous peoples of Canada, or freedom fighters in West Papua? Why do historians become obsessed by their subject, and can they ever really find out "how it really was" in the past?

Boy Trouble

Podcast series

Boys are in trouble - or so we are often told. Boy Trouble asks challenging questions about the lives of contemporary boys, and about the popular truisms that frame these lives: Boys are in crisis! Boys will be boys!

Making Sense of History

Podcast series

Making Sense of History asks how the present connects to the past. In each episode, Associate Professor Nick Eckstein and a guest turn back the clock, tracing current themes and events to their historical source.

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