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Real is not Real Enough is an audio experience based on the work of the writer and philosopher Günther Anders. 

Günther Anders' 1941 Hollywood diary, “Washing the Corpses of History", contains a critique of the cultural industry, key coordinates of his philosophy of history and film, and a unique perspective on émigré culture in California during WWII.

This audio work is an adaptation of Günther Anders’ remarkable diary.

Brought to you by:

Benjamin Nickl, University of Sydney

Chris Müller, Macquarie University

Helen Wolfenden, Macquarie University

Performed by Edgar Eckert.

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Why do historians become obsessed by their subject, and can they ever really find out "how it really was" in the past?

How was it really? discusses how talking to the past changes the present, and how it transforms the way we think about ourselves today.

Presented by Nick Eckstein and Sophie Loy-Wilson, both of the History Department at the University of Sydney, How was it really? asks why historians do what they do.

Nick Eckstein
Cassamarca Associate Professor Nick Eckstein is a historian of Renaissance and Early-Modern Italy in the History Department at the University of Sydney.

Sophie Loy-Wilson
Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson is a Senior Lecturer in the History Department at the University of Sydney, where she specialises in the social and cultural history of Australia’s engagement with China.

Series Producer: Peter Adams

Theme Music: Vanessa Witton / Peter Adams

Additional spoken introductions: Vanessa Witton

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Photo by Jacob Hodgson on Unsplash.