Quantum Meta-Ethics Project

Paving the way for a quantum future
Quantum Meta-Ethics facilitates transdisciplinary research across the Indo-Pacific region to develop accords for the ethical use of quantum technologies.

Quantum Meta-Ethics (QME) is an initiative of the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) and the Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation (ORF).

Funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), under the auspices of the Australia-India Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership (AICCTP), the project brings together academics, business leaders, government, legal and policy experts, to develop world-first quantum accords that will inform international governance of quantum technologies.

The path to a quantum future is uncertain and uneven. A global race for quantum advantage is underway and as the reach of quantum grows, so does the need to address its social, ethical and geopolitical implications.

But quantum technologies promise to confound traditional approaches to ethics, governance and diplomacy. In order to address these challenges, QME goes beyond existing frameworks to consider new forms of governance that take into account quantum’s challenge to classical scientific and philosophical understandings of the world around us.

In doing so, QME will lead the development of normative frameworks and best practices that promote peaceful use of quantum technology. The project will develop adaptive quantum accords to harmonise not only political interests and levels of economic development but also differing worldviews.

Through a series of virtual workshops and symposia, QME will engage diverse stakeholders in the development of ethical principles, scientific fluency and best practices for quantum technologies. Project findings will be distributed through a series of think pieces, a digital book and documentary videos.