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Selected research outputs and media
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Current publications

Broom, Kenny, Williams Veazey et al (2022). Living (well) with cancer in the precision eraSSM – Qualitative Research in Health.

Williams Veazey (2022). Mothers in the Middle: Rethinking Middling Migration as Relational. In Robertson & Roberts (eds.) Rethinking Privilege and Social Mobility in Middle-Class Migration. Routledge.

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Broom, A., Peterie, M., Kenny, K., Ehlers, N., Ramia, G.,. (2022) The administration of harm: From unintended consequences to harm by design. Critical Social Policy

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Broom, A., Doron, A. (2022) Resistant bugs, porous borders and ecologies of care in India. Social Science and Medicine. Volume 292, January 2022, 114520.

Linceviciute, S., Ridge, D., Gautier, C., Broom, A., Oliffe, J., & Dando, C. (2022). ‘We're welcomed into people's homes every day’ versus ‘we're the people that come and arrest you’: The relational production of masculinities and vulnerabilities among male first responders. Sociology of Health & Illness. DOI: 10.1111/1467-9566.13481/

Handlovsky, I., Ferlatte, O., Kia, H., Knight, R., Broom, A., & Oliffe, J. (2022). Processes underpinning survival in gay men living with HIV and a history of suicidalitySociology of Health & Illness.

Kirby, E., Kenny, K., Broom, A. and Lwin, Z. (2022). Chronicity in/and cancer: a qualitative interview study of health professionals, patients, and family carersCritical Public Health.

Broom, J., Veazey, L., Broom, A., et al. (2022) Experiences of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic amongst Australian Healthcare workers: From stressors to protective factors. Journal of Hospital Infection Volume 121, March 2022, Pages 75-81

Broom, J., Broom, A., Williams Veazey, L., Burns, P., Degeling, C. Hor, S., Barratt, R., Wyer, M., Gilbert, G. (2022). “One minute it’s an airborne virus, then it’s a droplet virus, and then it’s like nobody really knows…”: Experiences of pandemic PPE amongst Australian healthcare workersInfection, Disease & Health.

Page, A., Broom, A., Kenny, K., Lwin, Z., Wakefield, C., Itchins, M. Khasraw, M. (2022). Experiencing the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic whilst living with cancerQualitative Health Research. Volume: 32 issue: 3, page(s): 426-439

Williams Veazey, L., Broom, A., Kenny, K., Degeling, C., Wyer, M., Hor, S., Broom, J., Burns, P., Gilbert, G. (2022 in press) Paradoxes of pandemic infection control: proximity, pace and care within and beyond SARS-CoV-2. Social Science and Medicine-Qualitative Research in Health

Limato, R., Nelwan, E., Mudia, M., Alamanda, M., Manurung, E., Mauleti, I., Mayasari, M., Firmansyah, I., Djafaar, R., Vu Thi Lan, H., Doorn, R., Broom, Hamers (2022) Perceptions, views and practices regarding antibiotic prescribing and stewardship among hospital physicians in Jakarta, IndonesiaBMJ Open

Nampoothiri, V.; Bonaconsa, C.; Surendran, S.; Mbamalu, O; Nambatya, W.; Ahabwe B., Peter; Ahmad, R; Castro-Sánchez, E; Broom, A.; Szymczak, J.; Zingg, W.; Gilchrist, M.; Holmes, A.; Mendelson, M.; Singh, .; McLeod, M; Charani, E. (2022) What does antimicrobial stewardship look like where you are? Global narratives from participants in a Massive Open Online Course. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy-AMR Volume 4, Issue 1, dlab186.

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Peterie, M. (2022). Visiting Immigration Detention: Care And Cruelty In Australia's Asylum Seeker Prisons. Policy Press.

Anderson, W. (2021). The model crisis, or how to have critical promiscuity in the time of Covid-19. Social Studies of Science, 0306312721996053.

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Past publications

Adkins, L. (2020). Labor in the Financial Era: Assets, Debt and the Speculative Worker. In P. Mader, D. Mertens, and N. van der Zwan (Eds.), The Routledge International Handbook of Financialization, (pp. 335-339). London: Routledge.

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