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TESOL research forum

Connecting teachers, researchers, institutions and resources
We foster research and publications in the area of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

About us

We aim to build national and international research alliances with leading institutions. We bring together teachers, researchers and resources for English-as-a-second-language education. Together, we hope to promote research and publications in the field and create alliances between leading institutions.

Our research areas 

Our main research areas are:

  • English for academic purposes
  • languages and cultures education
  • bilingual education.


We are seeking to build national and international research alliances with those in the industry from leading institutions and other interested parties. Please contact us for more information.



The group organises and hosts a number of events and activities for researchers and teachers with an interest in TESOL.

The University of Sydney TESOL Forum aims to provide a platform for discussing and sharing research in the area of TESOL as well as exploring possible future research partnerships in this area. We are delighted to announce the 2024 University of Sydney TESOL Research Colloquium – a place where established and new TESOL researchers can meet and network – will be held from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday, 21 September 2024.

Proposals for 25-minute presentations are now open. (Potential speakers should note the final 5 minutes will be reserved for questions and discussion). 

Instructions for submissions

  • Abstracts: a title and 250-word abstract (plus your name, institution, email and telephone)
  • Submission deadline: midnight on Friday, 2 August, 2024. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Notifications on accepting papers: Monday, 19 August, 2024.
  • Submit your proposal here.

Criteria for proposal selection

  • The topic of the proposal is relevant to the area of TESOL.
  • The proposal adopts a methodology appropriate to the research question/s and context.
  • The proposal contributes to theory or practice in TESOL.
  • The proposal is well-presented and organised.

Enquiries should be directed to the conference academic lead, Associate Professor Aek Phakiti (

The University of Sydney Journal of TESOL is a peer-reviewed, online journal with open access, which is published by Sydney School of Education and Social Work at The University of Sydney, Australia.

Researchers from within and outside the University are invited to speak throughout the year on their areas of research. Previous speakers have included Tim McNamara from the University of Melbourne, Alastair Pennycook from the University of Technology Sydney, Angela Scarino from the University of South Australia, Irma Olmeda from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Sally O'Hagan from the University of Melbourne and Natasha Artemeva from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

The Visiting Scholar Program was established to enable researchers working in the area of TESOL to come to the school to work on collaborative research projects with members of forum. 

View the University's visiting scholar policy.

Forum Director

Professor Brian Paltridge