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Introducing our six flagship research themes
Our work is informed, timely and inclusive. Our future-facing projects build on the diverse expertise of our academic community and harness local and international know-how.

FutureFix draws upon the humanities and social sciences knowledge of the faculty community from senior professors and early-career researchers to students. Working in collaboration with industry and community groups, we are helping to design tomorrow’s solutions to issues of global importance.

Our projects are relevant, engaged, solution-focused – and often counterintuitive. 

Our research themes

Led by: Professor Lisa Adkins, Associate Professor Melinda Cooper and Professor Martijn Konings 

We are exploring asset-based capitalism and investigating the new forms of inequality and precarity that accompany its rise. We aim to develop a more nuanced understanding of the forms of stratification associated with the asset economy.

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Led by: Dr Sonja van Wichelen, Dr Nadine Ehlers, Dr Peter Hobbins, Dr Luara Ferracioli, Professor Paul Griffiths, Professor Warwick Anderson 

We are addressing the articulation between knowledge practices in the humanities and social sciences and the life sciences concerning models and categories of the ‘human’, ‘person’, and ‘self’. Building on advances in biomedical research and biotechnology that present unparalleled opportunities to reframe classic inquiries in the humanities and social sciences, our research will influence health policy.

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Led by: Dr Lynette Riley, Professor Valerie Harwood

We invite communities to articulate questions they would like investigated and stipulate how research should be conducted in ways that are of most benefit to them and do not inflict harm.

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Led by: Professor James Morley, Professor Mariano Kulish

We are developing models for understanding economic policy from a global perspective. This will involve interaction and collaboration with policymakers throughout the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere and will take a pluralistic, model-based approach to improving understanding of the mechanisms through which macroeconomic and trade policies impact open economies.

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Led by: Professor Danielle Celermajer, Professor David Schlosberg 

We are developing innovative media forms and collaborative relationships with policymakers to reconceptualise justice as a way of accommodating the vast breadth of the multispecies world.

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Led by: Professor Gerard Goggin, Professor Heather Horst 

We are addressing the grand challenge of the social, ethical and inclusivity challenges and opportunities of technology in the context of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, data, next-generation internet, social and mobile media networks.

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