Cultural Diversity

We unpack the richness of human lives past and present
Seeking to understand the breadth, depth, and endless variety of humanity is a hallmark of our world-class research in the School of Humanities.

Our researchers study humanity across space and time, across Australia and around the world, from the last Ice Age to the present, and explore our possible futures.

We strive to understand the foundations of human knowledge and the diversity of human cultures. Our disciplines include Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, Gender and Cultural Studies, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Studies in Religion.

We use both traditional and cutting-edge methods, including digital technologies, to investigate social institutions, rhetoric, languages, documents, everyday practices, as well as artefacts and material culture.

We study everything from potsherds to philosophical proofs, from ancient and early modern archives to endangered languages, from snail shells to social media, all in an effort to understand humanity in all its diversity and complexity.

The School of Humanities’ scholars study the countless ways humans interact, how we think, talk and represent our worlds, and how we define ourselves and others by constructed categories such as race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

Our research is often interdisciplinary, with collaboration within the Arts and Social Sciences as well as with colleagues from the Sciences, Architecture, Medicine and Law, with researchers from some of the world’s other top-ranked universities, and with industry partnerships in Australia and across the world.

Our people