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Sport, Movement And Social & Human Development

Research and collaboration into the business and development of sport
Bringing together cutting-edge research into sport and physical education to create new practices aimed at increasing well-being, performance and inclusion for diverse populations..

The work of the academics, team members and stakeholders of the Sport, Movement and Social and Human Development (SMASHD) collaboration at The University of Sydney is to concentrate the best efforts of professionals involved in coaching, youth development, movement, and management to generate inclusive models of physical cultures, sporting organisations and youth development. We focus on seven main interrelated themes:

  • Indigeneity, place and space as shapers of inclusivity and wellbeing
  • Physical education, sport and youth development
  • Coloniality and decoloniality in the realm of sports education
  • Sporting cultures and operations for social and personal wellbeing
  • Transformation of organizational operations and practices in sport
  • Skill-based learning for building human capability
  • Safe spaces for all in sport and exercise.

Key projects

  • Expanding opportunities for girls and women in sport
  • Reclaiming links between physical education and sport development
  • Sport, physical activity, and the wellbeing economy
  • Indigenous knowledge, integral ecology, sport and wellbeing.