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School of Humanities

Examining the past and the present to comprehend our shared future
We engage with a multiplicity of subject areas from Ancient Greek to explorations of gender and the posthuman. What ignites our work is a fascination with the study of humanity.

We bring together experts in archaeology, classics and ancient history, gender and cultural studies, history, linguistics, philosophy and studies in religion.

Our archaeologists span not only the globe but also time, exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and the extraordinary ruins of medieval Angkor, the Middle East and the archaeology of the Silk Road.

Our classicists and historians are internationally respected researchers in ancient languages, literature and history – from Ancient Rome and Greece to Europe in the Middle Ages, current politics, and new insights into Australian History.

Our researchers in gender and cultural studies have expertise in a wide variety of contemporary themes including sexuality, ethnicity, youth cultures, film and television, the environment and animal-human relations.

Our linguists work on many of the world’s 7000 languages, especially in Asia, to understand how language is applied in social life, and to probe human diversity in history, culture, thought, and practice.

Our philosophers will make you think about everything from the great philosophers of the past to the latest developments in ethics, logic, epistemology, metaphysics and aesthetics.

Our studies in religion specialists are fascinated by the vast diversity of human religious practice, mythologies and beliefs from the ancient to the contemporary world.

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Chaired by Julia Horne, University Historian at the University of Sydney and co-convenor of History of University Life.





Head of School

Keith Dobney

School of Humanities


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