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Sydney School of Education and Social Work

We're leaders in teaching and research for education in Australia
We are committed to community and social development, and improving teaching and learning through innovation and inquiry-driven courses, research, reflection and critique in partnership with our communities.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate education programs are some of the best in Australia and include early childhood, primary and high school teaching with diverse specialisations including drama, English and languages, science, mathematics, economics, physical education, history and social sciences.

Our social work programs include accredited professional courses and advanced studies for professional social and community workers.

Our commitment to social justice and human rights means we engage in policy development, frontline social care, counselling, advocacy and community development.

We have built strong relationships with practitioners in both the education and social work sectors. A key element of our education and social work degrees includes practical experience. Our advanced placement program allows our students to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts and gain meaningful, practical experience. 

Our study offering

Our early childhood degrees qualify you to teach children from birth to five years.



Our primary education degrees will qualify you to teach primary school-aged children from five to 12 years (Kindergarten – Year 6).



Study in one of our graduate-entry courses to gain a professional teaching qualification or earn a specialisation in an area of interest to teach in secondary schools.



Deepen your knowledge and meet your professional learning and accreditation requirements through our wide range of conferences, short courses and workshops offered by our Office of Professional Learning.

A degree in social work prepares students for employment in a complex, diverse and changing environment. According to the International Federation of Social Work definition of the profession, human rights and social justice are fundamental to social work. 


*A professional qualification that is accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Studying human and community services involves a combination of policy, practice and research in the human and community services industry. It is designed to equip you with foundational knowledge and skills for entry into the Australian human and community services industry. It also offers you the opportunity to focus on specific fields of practice, including management, community work and violence against women.


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  • Graduate Certificate in Human and Community Services
  • Graduate Certificate in Human and Community Services (Interpersonal Trauma)
    • Mareese Terare (students studying through the Education Centre Against Violence)
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Professor Kelly Freebody
Professor Kelly Freebody
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Sydney School of Education and Social Work

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The Professional Experience and Program Support counter for SSESW students is open for face-to-face consultations from Monday to Thursday, 10am–1pm. Email enquiries are also welcome from current students via the email address published on the SSESW Coursework Students Portal in Canvas.

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