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Indigenous Studies and Aboriginal Education

Understanding the Indigenous heritage of Australia
We explore diverse and changing Indigenous lifeworlds through art, anthropology, history, politics, social sciences, linguistics and health to expand knowledge of cultures and contact within Australia.

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories and understand the links between colonisation, today’s social issues, and Indigenous rights advocacy. We engage in research, thinking and policy to uncover histories and links between land, cultural rights, human rights and social justice in Australia and around the world.

We draw on strength and guidance from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, one of the oldest knowledge systems in the world, and we welcome students of all nationalities who wish to engage with and learn about Australian Indigenous culture.

Our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to engage positively with Indigenous communities and support their cultural wellbeing, integrity and expression.

Our study offering

Develop a deep understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and knowledge systems, drawing on history, anthropology, sociology, art, linguistics, and health studies. Be taught by Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics from across the University and experts from the wider community, and develop your knowledge of the many voices, perspectives and priorities of Indigenous peoples and communities.


*Available to all students studying the Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Visual Arts, as well as all combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies degrees.  

Our research

  • Aboriginal literature
  • Aboriginal poetry and poetics
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education
  • Australian languages
  • Decolonisation studies
  • Indigenous art
  • Indigenous Australian learners
  • Indigenous issues
  • Indigenous language education
  • Indigenous teacher education
  • Indigenous museology
  • Indigenous research methods
  • National identities and formations of alternative citizenship
  • Race and racism
  • Social structures and social justice

Our people

Dr Lynette Riley

Dr Lynette Riley
Senior Lecturer, Leader Indigenous Strategy

Sydney School of Education and Social Work

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