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The latest news from the Brain and Mind Centre

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2024 News

15 July 2024

AI to assist in the diagnosis of dementia

The Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre gets a boost to its artificial intelligence, which will go towards unlocking the secrets of neurological disorders.
27 June 2024

Psylo partnership to deliver psychedelic treatments for mental health

University research expertise combined with Psylo's artificial intelligence platform promises life-changing therapeutics.
26 June 2024

ARC invests in research partnerships with industry

The Australian Research Council has awarded $5.15 million to industry projects at the University, along with funding for an Industrial Transformation Training Centre to prepare leaders of Australia's future quantum computing industry
13 June 2024

Autoimmune disorder MOGAD gets funding boost

Congratulations to Associate Professor Sudarshini Ramanathan who was awarded over $2.8 million in MRFF funding to identify optimal treatment of Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease (MOGAD) at onset and relapse, to reduce disease activity and improve outcomes.
09 May 2024

Brain and Mind researchers awarded $7 million in funding

Congratulations to the recipients awarded the highly competitive NHMRC Investigator Grants for 2024. Three members of the Brain and Mind Centre were recognised among the awardees.
07 May 2024

Australian researchers make strides in understanding little-known 'cousin of MS'

A lot remains unknown about the autoimmune condition MOGAD, with consensus on diagnostic criteria only published last year. An Australian research collaboration is looking to change that.
02 May 2024

How economic structures influence mental health

A new paper in Bulletin of the World Health Organization on economic structures and mental health will inform policy discussions at the World Health Assembly.
29 April 2024

Do our genes play a role in depression?

Dr Jacob Crouse and Professor Ian Hickie write in The Conversation the surprising results they uncovered when they looked at genetic clues to depression in more than 14,000 people.
26 April 2024

Q & A with Kathryn Refshauge

Professor Kathy Refshauge OAM talks about her background in Health Sciences and how it's equipped her for the role ahead.
16 April 2024

Program aims to break down dementia stigma in Chinese Australian communities

Stigma about the disease is deterring Chinese Australians from seeking early diagnosis and support. University of Sydney researchers are working with the Chinese community to change that.