Computational Neuroimaging

Using Artificial Intelligence to improve diagnostic brain imaging
Focused on transforming neuroradiology services and translational neuroimaging research through innovations in artificial Intelligence (AI), imaging engineering, advanced imaging biomarkers and informatics and improving quality of care for degenerative neurological diseases.

Who are we?

Our team comprises of experts in clinical neuroscience, neuroimaging, and computer science, using Artificial Intelligence algorithms and advanced imaging analytics to provide insights into the cause and progression of neurological diseases.

Through the development of more accurate and descriptive neurological imaging, new biomarkers will be used in research, clinical trials and clinical practice, to aid the diagnosis and monitoring of brain diseases.

Team leadership: Prof Michael Barnett, Prof Fernando Calamante, Prof Dacheng Tao, Professor Emeritus John Pollard, A/Prof Weidong (Tom) Cai, and Dr Chenyu (Tim) Wang.

Our research areas

Recent progress in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology and artificial intelligence (AI) has opened new doors for both fundamental and clinical investigations in the field of clinical neuroscience.

Our team has achieved considerable success in the area of imaging biomarker research, specifically by employing advanced imaging analytics and developing state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, with a particular focus on patients with neurodegenerative disease such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

The scope of our imaging biomarker research has expanded to encompass a variety of neurological disorders, such as Motor Neurone Disease, Epilepsy, Essential Tremor, Parkinson's disease, dementia, and Ataxia, among others. Our work spans disease diagnostics, monitoring of disease progression, and investigation into disease mechanisms. Our team extends a multitude of engaging opportunities for collaborative imaging research, industry partnerships, and bespoke research endeavours.

Our approach

Seamless integration of imaging and world-class clinical care with research, education, and industry (including Pharma) is the backbone of our group. The multidisciplinary synthesis of clinical medicine, research and industry while centred with clinical care, ensures accelerated “bench-to-bedside translation” of our research activity.

Our current research programs

Our partners:

Our team members


Professor Michael Barnett

Professor Fernando Calamante

Dr Chenyu (Tim) Wang        

Emeritus Professor John Pollard

Professor Alexander (Sascha) Klistorner

A/Professor Wanli Ouyang

A/Professor Weidong (Tom) Cali


Team members

Dr Marinda Taha

Dr Ryan Sullivan 

Dr Linda Ly

Jessie Fu

Joy Wang


Early and mid-career researchers 

Dr Chenyu (Tim) Wang

Dr. Luping Zhou

Dr. Mariano Cabezas

Dr. Dongnan Liu

Dr. Arkiev D'Souza

Dr. Linda Ly

Dr. Justin Garber

Dr. Heidi Beadnall

Dr. Sicong Tu

Dr. Jinglei Lv

Dr. Tonima Ali

Dr. Jiajun Deng

Dr. Dongang Wang

Dr. Geng Zhan


HDR students 

Yang Ma

Yixiong Shi

Kain Kyle

Zihao Tan

Dr. Christina Maher

Shwe Phyo Han

Jieting Long

Peilin Liu 

Sheng Chen