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Latest news

18 April 2024

Why your students don't do the readings

It's a common complaint among teachers, but new research suggests a different approach to readings can significantly improve student engagement.
17 April 2024

Meet our UN Women Australia Global Executive MBA scholarship recipient

The University of Sydney’s Global Executive MBA program was the perfect fit for Elena Pak, who has always been passionate about international relations, gender equality and global development.
11 April 2024

Net Zero course to equip business leaders ahead of mandatory climate reporting deadline

The transition to net zero is the great challenge of this century, and more support is now available for businesses preparing for new climate reporting requirements.
10 April 2024

EVs face future challenges despite increasing uptake

Few Australians are opposed to electric vehicles in principle - but a new transport survey has revealed one key hurdle to widespread uptake.
08 April 2024

Chinese investment in Australia falls to second lowest level since 2006

Chinese investment in Australia has diversified but plateaued, the latest report from The University of Sydney Business School and KPMG reveals.
02 April 2024

E-Scooters: Coming Soon to a Street Near You or Not?

Stephen Greaves (ITLS, University of Sydney) and Geoff Rose (ITS, Monash University) discuss how the proliferation of e-scooters in Australia has brought about legislative challenges, with confusing rules and safety concerns, revealing a disconnect between existing regulations and public expectations. The evolving landscape calls for a thorough examination of infrastructure, licensing, registration, and insurance to ensure the responsible and sustainable integration of e-scooters into the urban transportation system.
27 March 2024

University of Sydney researchers to inform government on jobs, skills and immigration

Three University of Sydney academics have had their research expertise recognised with appointments to councils informing Australian government policy in the critical areas of jobs and skilled immigration policy.