Having it all and avoiding climate disaster? Maybe not

30 October 2015
The greatest challenge humanity faces
A recently published book offers a sobering yet hopeful account of how corporate myths have slowed our response to human‑caused climate change, and what we can do about it.

Research highlights: Having it all and avoiding climate disaster? Maybe not.

Professor Christopher Wright is casting new light on the role of business as both a contributor and potential provider of solutions to the climate crisis. He has led a major research project investigating business responses to climate change and has two books coming out this year.

Climate change, capitalism and corporations: Processes of creative self-destruction, with fellow researcher Professor Daniel Nyberg, is explores how corporate myths have hampered action on human-caused climate change, and how we can turn this around.

Published work

Wright C and Nyberg D (2015), ‘Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction’, Cambridge University Press