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Yale Wong

PhD Candidate helps to shape the future of transport

14 October 2019
Singapore Congress to look at intelligent transport systems
A Business School doctoral candidate, Yale Wong, has been chosen to represent Australia as a Youth Ambassador to an international conference in Singapore, which is expected to help shape the future of global transport systems.

The annual Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress attracts government, academic and private sector delegates with an interest in innovative technologies which improve transport and traffic management.

Yale Wong's research at the Business School's Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies focuses on mobility as a services or MaaS, which envisages a shift away from transport systems based on private ownership and towards "access-based models integrating a range of mass transit and on-demand services as subscription products."

Showcasing ITLS

Shining the spotlight on our MaaS research with Yale Wong

While attending the Singapore Congress, Yale will take part in the Youth Leadership Development Programme which will include a challenge themed "leveraging Intelligent Transportation Systems to promote active mobility for the young, elderly and disabled."

The ITS World Congress is organised each year by various national ITS organisations including the Australian-based peak industry body ITS Australia.

The Singapore Congress, themed "Smart Mobility, Empowering Cities", is the first to be held in South-East Asia and has attracted a great deal of interest from transport operators and suppliers in China and India.

"The World Congress is an opportunity to network and share ground-breaking transport technology to further unleash the power of Intelligent Transport Systems," says Ngien Hoon Ping, Chief Executive of Singapore's Land Transport Authority.

"The theme, 'Smart Mobility, Empowering Cities', reflects Singapore's commitment to creating a liveable smart city with a higher quality of life and a connected community," Mr Ngien said.

In addition to his selection as one of two Australian ambassadors to the World Congress, Yale has been shortlisted by ITS Australia for its Young Professional National Award.

Meet the researcher

Yale Wong

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