06 June 2023

Every great story starts with a strong introduction

Elisa Chan’s award-winning international career is proof that the comprehensive grounding of a top-ranking business degree can be the introduction to whatever story you choose to write.
05 June 2023

Ship Recycling at the Port of Newcastle and the promotion of green steel?

Veronica Schulz and Michael Bell look at possible opportunities for a ship recycling industry in Australia given the coincidence of recent developments in regulations and environmental concerns around the world.
01 June 2023

Rising to the challenge: elevating personal fintech solutions to everyday life

Managing our personal finances is an important life skill that affects every aspect of our lifestyle, but it’s not something we learn at school or think about when we wake up every morning. Recognising this, Jade Ong, together with two others, co-founded Elevate Money, a fintech start-up that aims to help people “live their best financial life” by making relevant financial products accessible through tech platforms they use every day.
01 June 2023

Banking on Australia's SMEs: the birth of a challenger

In an era where the disruption of traditional business models continues to accelerate, David Hornery is at the forefront of this revolution in Australia’s banking sector – providing a best-practice benchmark on the provision of banking services to SMEs.