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Partnerships, innovation, First Nations, and sustainability core to new Business School strategy

8 September 2023
Innovative. Responsible. Sustainable.
Launched this week, the Business School Strategy strives to achieve an ambitious purpose in developing responsible leaders during a time of incredible disruption and great need for sustainable organisational solutions.

A transformational educational experience to develop responsible leaders, meaningful engagement with industry, government, civil society, and academia, and a core anchor in fulfilling the social contract with First Nations peoples of Australia. These are just a few of the ambitious priorities set forth by the new University of Sydney Business School’s 2023-2027 Strategy.

“We are at an inflection point of polycrisis for business, society, and our planet that demands us to be radical innovators, courageous collaborators, and responsible leaders,” says Professor Leisa Sargent, Dean of the University of Sydney Business School.

“We have much to do and we embrace the challenge fully and with clear purpose.”
Professor Leisa Sargent, Dean

Engagement with purpose

Launched September 2023 at the Business School staff event and external stakeholders’ dinner, the strategy was warmly received by the University of Sydney Business School community.

Professor Leisa Sargent, Dean, Business School, spoke to the community, and said, “As we implement this strategy, the Business School will become even greater: more diverse, learning from and partnering with Australia's First Peoples for a better social and economic future, and continuing to develop and support the next generation of responsible leaders.

Strategic priorities

Central to the strategy for the Business School is ensuring the following priorities are top of mind:

We design and deliver holistic transformational educational experiences of excellent quality to develop responsible leaders and support their lifelong learning.


We engage with industry government civil society and academia to produce excellent research with clear significant local and global impact.


We are a diverse, courageous, and thriving community whose management practices are excellent and sustainable.

How we partner, our strategic mindset and our temporal horizons are critical to achieving our purpose and priorities. Specifically, our horizons outlook provides us with a shorthand for prioritising our innovations.

Catalysing principles

Underpinning each priority are four catalysing principles:

Nurture the power of our unique place.


Fulfil our social contract with First Nations peoples of Australia by learning from and partnering with them for a better social and economic future.


Foster an entrepreneurial mindset and drive innovation.


Build enduring partnerships with industry, government, our alumni, civil society and academia by delivering positive impact.

Our four catalysing principles will accelerate the development of strategic possibilities, identify barriers, guide responsible decision making and create generative pathways for success.
Business School Strategy 2023-27

“Our expertise is focused on tackling the greatest business challenges of our time,” said Professor Sargent. “We are truly excited about the Business School’s remarkable future and our collective striving for transformative scholarly and societal impact.”

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