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03 October 2019

Fast rail answer to urban sprawl

Nearly half of Australia’s metropolitan residents would consider relocating to a regional centre if they could travel by fast train to the city in under an hour, according to a survey by the University of Sydney Business School.
24 September 2019

Driverless cars "not necessarily a force for good"

Researchers at the University of Sydney Business School have warned that governments must act now to prevent runaway urban sprawl and "intolerable" levels of road congestion brought about by new disruptive technologies in the transport sector.
25 July 2019

Transport world cites pioneer researcher’s global contribution

Research by Professor David Hensher, the founder and current Director of the University of Sydney Business School's internationally respected Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, has been cited in more than 50 thousand scholarly articles worldwide.
07 June 2019

Internationally respected academic honoured by the roads industry

The Director and Founder of the Business School's Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), Professor David Hensher, has been awarded the prestigious John Shaw Medal by the industry's peak body Roads Australia.
11 April 2019

Work of leading researcher has a high impact, says leading research body

The Federal Government's research advisory body, the Australian Research Council (ARC), has recognised the work undertaken by the Business School’s Professor David Hensher for its "high" impact beyond the world of academia.
11 March 2019

New road pricing system needed after years of political neglect

Sydney's chronic traffic congestion results from "political neglect" and can only be solved by a radical new system of charges for road usage, according to a leading researcher at the University of Sydney Business School.
20 December 2018

New transport association to recruit local government and industry partners

TRANSW, a newly formed Sydney-based transport studies association which aims to “foster and support cohesive cross-disciplinary excellence in research and practice,” will begin accepting membership applications from local government organisations and potential industry partners in 2019.
05 August 2018

Shining the spotlight on autonomous vehicles: the driverless future

Research by the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies on autonomous vehicle technology is addressing key questions around their potential impacts on the community.
05 August 2018

Mobility as a service: What does it mean for society?

Mobility as a service (MaaS) is a popular interpretation of future collaborative and connected urban transportation, centred on a changing society embracing a sharing culture which can satisfy our mobility needs without owning assets such as a car.

23 April 2018

Transport planning for our future

Dr Michiel Bliemer has developed a new model to forecast traffic flows in Sydney, aiming to replace unrealistic and inefficient government modelling that hasn't changed since the 1950s.