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Sydney Employment Relations Research Group

Strengthening employment relations research, policy and practice
The Sydney Employment Relations Research Group (SERRG) brings together internationally recognised employment relations expertise from across the University of Sydney.

About us

Our examination of employment relations focuses on the institutions, processes and economic and social contexts that influence the relationships between workers and businesses, and the consequent outcomes.

Many of the key contemporary policy challenges in Australia and across the world are directly connected to employment relations. For instance, COVID-19 has created significant disruptions in the economy and workplaces, which has prompted governments, businesses and unions to adopt measures aimed at preventing business closures and job losses.

SERRG provides a bridge between employment relations researchers in the University of Sydney and industry stakeholders to strengthen employment relations research, policy and practice. Our members collaborate with an international community of leading researchers and institutions to promote employment relations as a field of research.

Our people

University of Sydney Business School
Other University of Sydney faculties and schools

Our research

  • Employer's perspective: New understandings of employment law non-compliance, Clibborn S, Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)
  • Buy or Build? Employer Strategies for Developing a Skilled Workforce, Wright C, Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)
  • Marginalized workers in the Australian platform economy: The work experiences of mature ride-sharing partners and those with disabilities, Veen A, Baird M, Sydney Business School/Industry Partnership Grant
  • The Future of National Work and Employment Relations Systems: An Integrative “Most Different” Analysis of Australia and Denmark, Baird M, Andersen S, Wright C, Lansbury R, University of Copenhagen/University of Sydney Partnership Collaboration Award

Our publications

Clibborn, S. (2020). Australian industrial relations in 2019: The year wage theft went mainstreamJournal of Industrial Relations.

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