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Job Smart

Authentic industry experience to make you instantly job-ready
The award-winning Job Smart program is designed to enhance international students' employability through practical experiences and industry connections, ensuring they graduate ready for success.

In a period of uncertainty, it has never been more important to increase your job-readiness. That's why the University of Sydney Business School has reimagined its award-winning international student employability program, Job Smart.

With a focus on employability, Job Smart will equip you with all the skills you need to be successful in gaining employment. You'll gain practical skills, access to career coaching, volunteer opportunities, authentic industry experience and networking opportunities with our alumni and corporate partners.

Our Job Smart industry partners range from SMEs and digital startups to market leading consultancies such as Deloitte, KPMG, NAB, Tesserent, Advanz Pharma, Alibaba, AsiaPay, City of Sydney, Greenpeace, Legacy and Rotary.

Job Smart is only available to international students enrolled in the Business School. Find out more about the extra-curricular option and the for-credit BWIL6573 unit of study option for postgraduate students below (previously known as BUSS6102).

Our students share how they became job-ready through Job Smart Edge
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What is Job Smart?

The award-winning Job Smart program is delivered across two phases, each designed to develop your employability skills in a practical way.

1. Job Smart Edge

In the first phase, you will:

Top performing students will be invited to join Global Scope, a three-week virtual consulting project with an Australian firm under the guidance of a professional industry mentor.

Count Job Smart Edge towards your degree with BWIL6573

Postgraduate international students may count Job Smart Edge towards their degree if they enrol in the elective BWIL6573 (previously known as BUSS6102). In this unit, you'll complete an employability bootcamp to undertake industry-focused problem-solving work in diverse teams.

Sherry Tang

Sherry Tang
Master of Commerce student and Job Smart Edge BWIL6573 participant
"BWIL6573 Job Smart Edge allowed me to gain experience with a real client as a business consultant. I've leveraged my skills to provide feasible solutions and gained helpful feedback in the process. This program was far beyond what I imagined!"
Learn about BWIL6573

2. Job Smart Ultra

Once you've completed Job Smart Edge, you'll be invited to complete Job Smart Ultra in the following semester. Job Smart Ultra is an exclusive, interactive recruitment boot camp that simulates the entire graduate recruitment process.

The process will give you the opportunity to practice, receive feedback, and apply the feedback before it really counts. You’ll receive guidance through the whole process, from cover letter submission to assessment centres.

Top performing students from the bootcamp will also be awarded with work experiences at various Australian organisations.

The benefits of Job Smart

In addition to real-world employability skills, eligible students will also benefit from:

  • increased chances to maximise your opportunities through our Work-Integrated Learning programs
  • dedicated mock application process for our Work-Integrated Learning programs, including study tours, business practicums, placements and self-sourced placements
  • invaluable connections with fellow student and industry leaders
  • volunteering opportunities to connect with the local community
  • a certificate of completion to demonstrate your achievement
  • LinkedIn badges for each activity to let employers know you have completed the program

Annabella Irene

Annabella Irene
Master of Commerce student and Job Smart participant
"I developed my business acumen and received advice on how to professionally present myself to potential employers with confidence and proactiveness."

Frequently asked questions

Job Smart is exclusively available to international students enrolled to study a degree at the Business School.

If you have any questions about participating in Job Smart, please email

Postgraduate international students have the option to take Job Smart Edge as part of their degree, or to complete it as an extracurricular program. Students who complete the program as part of their degree will be required to enrol in BWIL6573, a 6 credit point elective unit of study, and will be liable for unit of study fees.

For more information download the Job Smart Edge in-curriculum flyer (pdf, 146KB) or contact

Undergraduate international students are able to participate in Job Smart Edge as an extracurricular activity only.

Domestic students interested in programs to develop their employability skills and career readiness should contact the Careers and Employability Office’s suite of career development programs: CEO on Canvas.

Job Smart opportunities will be offered face to face, on campus, as well as online, to prepare students for the new way of working in a hybrid workplace.

All commencing and continuing students can register for the program here.

Job Smart Edge In-Curriculum Flyer

Download PDF

Job Smart Edge key activities


Welcome festival and workshop


Employability workshop


Volunteering activity


Industry and Alumni Panel


Digital Industry Project


Post project workshop



Resume development and review


End of Program Celebration

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