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Meet our team

Get to know our careers staff

Whether you’re a student, alumni or employer, this is how to contact us.

Our staff

Careers Centre Manager

Nitsa Athanassopoulos 

Career Development Team

  • Karen Cavanaugh: Career Development Manager
  • Melanie Bruniges: Career Development Officer
  • Angela Harrow: Career Development Officer
  • Amy Lewis: Employability Officer
  • Sarah Marlor: Employability Officer
  • Tina Li: Career Development Officer 
  • Elizabeth Ross: Career Development Officer

Industry Development Team

  • Sinead Hartnett: Industry Development Manager
  • Elena Carletti: Industry Development Officer
  • Luke Cromer: Industry Development Officer
  • Kathryn Elliott: Industry Development Officer

Resources and Information Team

  • Karla Heese: Resources and Information Manager
  • Jacob Gillard: Resources and Information Officer
  • Jennifer Chapman: Administrative Assistant (Reception)