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Promote your brand

Use a targeted strategy to connect with and recruit students

Our marketing and promotion services will help raise your brand profile on campus. We offer targeted emails, logo web displays and posters on campus.

Reach our students through email, web displays and posters. To complement the options below and further promote a job opening with your organisation, don't forget to post a job ad free of charge, and book in for a careers fair. Attendance at a careers fair is a great way to meet engaged students and promote your organisation’s brand across the University.

How it works

Targeted emails will promote your recruitment drive to engaged students who have registered with the Careers Centre, indicating their job preferences and areas of interest.

You’ll select cohorts of students (for example, students in their final year who are interested in commerce) and we will send your email message, including links to your website, directly to them. Please include explicit selection criteria in the email text and provide contact details for enquiries.

Please make sure that you request your email at least one week before the date you wish to send it to students. Fill out the registration form and we will send the emails to our students within three days of receiving your signed payment form and email content.


This service costs $220* per cohort that you wish to target; the table below lists some popular cohorts. For example, if you wanted to target final-year commerce and engineering, the total cost would be $440. 

If you wanted to target penultimate (second-last) year and final-year science students and final-year health sciences students, the total cost would be $660.

Pricing for same email text for all cohorts

One cohort, eg, final-year engineering: $220
Two cohorts, eg, final-year business/economics: $440
Three cohorts, eg, postgraduate engineering/business/economics: $660
Four cohorts: $770
Five cohorts: $880
Six or more cohorts: please contact us.

Pricing for different email text

One cohort: $220
Two cohorts: $440
Three cohorts: $660
Four cohorts: $880
Five cohorts: $1100
Six or more cohorts: please contact us.

If a cohort is fewer than 150 students we’ll contact you before we go ahead with the targeted email. We recommend that you keep your cohorts broad (for example, final years in economics/commerce/business) so that you reach more students.


* A search fee will apply when a complex search is required, whether or not you choose to go ahead with the targeted email. We will contact you if your email request will require a search fee.

How it works

Promote your employer information session or recruitment event with posters placed in relevant, high-traffic areas of the University. Postering is a cost-effective way of increasing the visibility and promoting the brand of your organisation, especially for companies planning big events.

For $330 student ambassadors will strategically place up to 100 of your A4 posters (or for $440, A3-sized posters) around the University, in areas that are highly visible to students. These include faculty/school and public noticeboards, student dining and leisure areas, and lecture theatres.

To book

Fill out the registration form. We require the posters at least five days before your preferred postering date. Please mail them directly to us.