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Career Development Program FAQs

Your workshop and program questions answered

Learn more about the Career Development Program for international students: find out if you're eligible, if you can substitute workshops, and how to check your progress.

International students currently enrolled at the University of Sydney from all faculties, all degrees and all year levels are eligible to participate in the Career Development Program. International students who begin the program while enrolled can complete the program as a graduate.

You can start the program at any time during the year by simply attending a Career Development Program approved workshop. You must attend 7 approved workshops within 12 months from the first workshop attendance date to complete the program.

Yes, you can receive attendance credit for approved substitute workshops. Please refer to the list of substitute workshops in the table below for more information. All workshops must be attended within a 12-month period and your attendance must be recorded at each workshop. 

We're aware of your study commitments and endeavour to offer a number of sessions throughout the year. Additional catch-up sessions are run late each semester and you can also receive attendance credit for attending an approved substitute workshop (see table below).

Yes, international students are welcome to attend any of the Career Development Program workshops without committing to the completion of the Program.

Your student card is scanned to record your attendance. If you don't have your student card please ensure you record your name and student number on the sheet provided by our staff. If your attendance is not recorded in one of the above two ways, attendance will not be counted. 

You are required to attend the full workshop session for it to be counted towards the Career Development Program, with attendance recorded for the first 15 minutes of the workshop only (i.e. for a 1pm workshop, your attendance will not be recorded after 1.15pm, and the workshop will not be counted towards your Career Development Program record).


Attendance data is uploaded to Sydney CareerHub within 5 working days of each workshop.

Career Development Program substitution workshops

Career Development Program Workshops for international students (recommended)

Substitutions allowed

Australian Resume Basics

Resume Writing workshops on Sydney CareerHub including:

  • Generic Resume Writing workshops (for all students)
  • Faculty targeted workshops (eg, Resumes, Cover Letters & Online Applications for Engineering & IT Students)
  • Employer/industry guest speaker delivered Resume Writing workshops


Writing a Cover Letter

Writing a Cover Letter workshop (for all students) on Sydney CareerHub


Job Search Skills

Job Search workshops on Sydney CareerHub including:

  • Generic Job Search workshops (for all students)
  • Faculty targeted workshops (eg, Job Search and Networking for Science Students)


Interview Skills

Interview Skills workshops on Sydney CareerHub including:

  • Generic Interview Skills workshops (for all students)
  • Faculty targeted workshops (eg, Job Interviews & Psychometric Testing for Engineering & IT Students)
  • Employer/industry guest speaker delivered Interview Skills workshops


Career Planning

No substitutions permitted


Professional Communication

No substitutions permitted

Transition to the Australian Workplace

No substitutions permitted