Social media and your job search

Using social media in your job search

Are you prepared to be Googled by a prospective employer? Harness social media to aid your job search, research career options and make connections.

It’s never too early to start building your professional presence online. Present a positive image to your future employer by curating your social media accounts to showcase your strengths.

Building a profile on LinkedIn for your job search

LinkedIn is a social networking platform designed specifically for professional purposes. Signing up allows you to join industry discussion groups, research career options, and make connections to grow your professional network.

Complete your profile and use keywords relevant to your industry

Profiles which are marked as ‘complete’ and contain industry relevant keywords are more likely to show up in a search.


Include a photo

Make sure the picture is clear, appropriate for your industry and recognisable as you.


Write your own headline

LinkedIn’s default settings will display your current job or course of study below your name as your ‘headline’ (eg, Jane Citizen: Customer service at UniCafé). Customise your headline to be relevant to your future career (eg, Jane Citizen: Analytical & innovative science student at the University of Sydney).


Write a concise summary

Your summary tells the reader who you are and what you have to offer. Draw attention to your best assets and define your career direction.


Ask for recommendations

A LinkedIn recommendation is a short reference that offers evidence of your employability. Suitable referees include former managers, academic supervisors, clients or collaborators.


Your profile should not contradict your resume

Your resume and profile are not expected to be identical, however, they should not contradict each other. Keep dates and job titles consistent.

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Using other social media for career planning and job search

View your social media presence from an employer’s perspective

Type your name into Google and find out what information about you is publicly available. Adjust the privacy settings on your social media accounts to ensure that you project a professional image. Keep in mind that any comments you make in an open forum will be visible to the public so make sure you think before you post.

Follow organisations and public figures of interest on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

This is another way to research your industry and your target organisations. Opportunities such as competitions, open days or even live job vacancies are often posted on social media.

Choose the appropriate platform to connect

Consider whether the relationship you are looking to develop is primarily professional or personal. LinkedIn is usually the best option for connecting with recruiters and people employed in your industry of choice.

Showcase your creative skills

Are you studying in a creative field? Why not write a blog, create your own YouTube channel or design a themed Instagram account? There are numerous platforms available, do your research to find out which are commonly used in your industry.