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Preventative cardiology

Easing the suffering of those with cardiovascular disease

The number of people with cardiovascular disease is increasing. To combat this, our group aims to address issues prevalent in prevention of cardiovascular disease through collaborative, interdisciplinary research.

We are dedicated to reducing the number of patients who develop cardiovascular disease, as well as easing the suffering of those with cardiovascular disease. We aim to do this through using our combined skills and synergies in the areas of cardiovascular clinical care, public health, physical activity, health literacy, nutrition and computing technology to identify and test innovative solutions in preventive cardiology.

Healthy behaviours including reducing risk factors, adhering to medication and monitoring cardiovascular risk reduces the likelihood of subsequent cardiac events, yet access to and uptake of effective interventions are alarmingly low. 

To meet the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population and recognise the impact and potential of technology, we aim to enable projects that specifically address common and prevalent issues in prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Our research will identify and promote patient-centred multidisciplinary solutions and account for acceptance and accommodation of diversity in health literacy, cognition, culture and language, as well as behaviour change principles, use of mobile health technologies, health professional development and education.

Project Node Leader

Professor Robyn Gallagher
Professor Robyn Gallagher
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