Integrative systems and modelling

Redefining systems modelling and informing research practice

Our aim is to develop integrative system modelling best practice. We draw on large data sets, sourced from myriad fields of study, informing research practices across the Charles Perkins Centre.

Our system modelling approach utilises large and complex data sets, from myriad sources and across disciplines, to unravel the underlying network of influence on nutrition and health in relation to diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

From systems biology to social networks, mathematical and computational sciences, and bioinformatics and data science, our systems model practice reveals the interconnections of the critical factors underpinning chronic disease. This integrative systems approach is the key to identifying innovative solutions to the growing global health problems associated with diet and lifestyle.

We encourage project nodes falling under our theme to utilise our systems modelling approach, while also contributing data sets that will enable us to improve our systems modelling.

Current projects within this themeĀ 

Theme leader

Jean Yang
Professor Jean Yang
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