Oral and systemic health

Bridging the knowledge gap between medicine and dentistry

We seek to understand the complex interplay between oral health and general health including its links with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

We’re bringing together researchers from a diverse range of disciplines to better understand the connection between oral health and general health including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, arthritis and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Working in multidisciplinary networks to identify common mechanistic pathways and causal relationships, we’ll provide expertise that will be accessible to all University researchers for the improvement of health. 

Evidence shows that oral health significantly interacts with general health. There’s a two-way relationship between oral and other illnesses, which is not yet understood. We’re addressing these current knowledge gaps through clinical and population health research and education. 

Our research has the potential to ease the global burden of general health in all areas of society by preventing disease.

It will form the basis of better disease prevention strategies and patient management – all underpinned by health education programs.

  • Securing philanthropic funding for a collaborative research project in 2020
  • Delivering Oral Health education events for Westmead clinicians

Project Node Leader

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