sleep research


Studying the influence of sleep on health and disease

We unite research and researchers from across disciplines under the theme of sleep. Our aim is to study the relationship of sleep/wake patterns to wellbeing and chronic illness.

Sleep, diet and exercise are widely considered the three pillars of physical and mental wellbeing. Our research aims to reduce the societal burden of poor sleep behaviours and sleep disorders through a coordinated multidisciplinary research program, with a focus on the links with diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Our interdisciplinary sleep research program at the Charles Perkins Centre is aligned with the overall research strategy to provide an integrated perspective on major societal health issues, with the goal of producing real world impact. We promote the establishment of new research and project groups in the areas of precision medicine approaches, cardiometabolic health, and technological solutions for chronic disease management. Our vision is to build a comprehensive translation research program, spanning bench to bedside and to public health.

Current projects within this theme


Top ways travellers try to beat jetlag

Initial findings from research with passengers revealed

A study of passengers travelling on long haul Qantas flights provides an insight into the ways travellers are trying to minimise feelings of jetlag.

Theme leader

Peter Cistulli
Professor Peter Cistulli
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Theme leader

Professor Philip de Chazal
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