Implementation science

Ensuring research findings reach real people

Biomedical and health service research into chronic disease prevention often stays in the laboratory longer than it should. Our work addresses the urgent need for this new evidence to be put into practice.

Translating evidence into practice is a complex process. We use a multidisciplinary approach, which cuts across traditional academic and disciplinary boundaries. We encourage collaboration across health disciplines as well as the disciplines of business, information technology, education, and engineering. Our approach supports the development of new research collaborations in implementation science.

Evidence indicates that 10 to 40 percent of patients receive treatment that’s unnecessary or harmful or that they don’t receive care based on current best evidence. Our work addresses why there is a lack of research findings being put into practice in the areas of chronic disease prevention and management.

Our work will ensure new research findings are implemented for all patients as soon as possible. We seek to meet the demand for biomedical and health services research by moving beyond traditional applied research and clinical trials to focus directly on improving individual health outcomes and influencing government policy.

Project Node Leader

Professor Tim Shaw
Professor Tim Shaw
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