Kidney health

Improving global kidney health by understanding kidney disease

Our work identifies and understands the incidence, prevalence and history of kidney disease at a population level so we can find solutions and treatments. 

We use a multidisciplinary approach to broaden our scope. Engaging with clinicians, patients, community, and government, we access existing detailed data on diet and lifestyle to examine its impact on kidney disease and mortality. 

In collaboration with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, we aim to identify and understand the incidence, prevalence and history of kidney disease at a population level. Through this work, we seek to find solutions and treatments for kidney disease including:

  • transplantation
  • how to translate the findings of clinical trials
  • how to best implement our research into practice and policy
  • how to develop new guidelines.

We’re also investigating the role of innate immunity kidney disease and transplantation. 

Our work is expanding on data collected through the AusDiab study. This is the only nationally representative, longitudinal study of chronic kidney disease, diabetes, lifestyle behaviours, and metabolic health. We’re also conducting innovative clinical trials and using the ANZDATA registry to assess the impact of changes in organ allocation protocols. Through this work we seek to develop new guidelines and implement our research into practice and policy.

Combating metabolic syndrome

Combining medical and lifestyle interventions to combat metabolic syndrome in patients with chronic kidney disease and following a transplant, where diabetes and obesity are major problems.

Microbiota, diet and immune function

Understanding the links between diet, the microbiota and immune function in the setting of kidney transplantation and diabetic kidney disease using mouse models. By collaborating with experts in microbiota and diet, we’re exploring their impact on innate immune responses, the development of kidney disease and transplant tolerance.

Impact on other diseases

Understanding the impact of chronic kidney disease on other diseases, as well as the impact of treatments for kidney disease on other diseases.

Project Node Leader

Steven Chadban
Professor Steven Chadban
"The Charles Perkins Centre provides an optimal environment for collaborative research. The positive vibe, critical mass of researchers with complimentary skillsets and ideas, combined with excellent infrastructure, make for an inspiring environment."
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