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Class timetables

You can access a personalised timetable at the start of each semester with the location, time and duration of all your tutorials, lectures and labs.

Getting your timetable

Changes to timetables for dental students

From Semester 1 2023, the way you access your timetable will change for some dental students. If you are enrolled in one of the following courses, you will now be able to access your timetable through Sydney Timetable:

  • Bachelor of Oral Health
  • Master of Dental Public Health
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine, for Year 1 units of study.


A few weeks before the start of each semester, you will be allocated a personal timetable for the semester based on the units of study you've successfully enrolled in. For most students, this will be available in Sydney Timetable. Sydney Timetable is the system you use to enter preferences, review and make adjustments to your timetable.

There are three stages to getting your final timetable:


Enter your class preferences before timetables are released.


Access your timetable in Sydney Timetable once it's released.


You'll be able to review and adjust your timetable up until the end of Week 2 of semester.

Once your timetable is available, log in to Sydney Timetable and select the ‘Timetable’ tab. You can view your timetable in grid view or list view, print a hard-copy, and sync it with your calendar.

Read more about the key features of Sydney Timetable and watch our video.


Timetables provided by your faculty/school

If your unit does not appear in Sydney Timetable, it will most likely be managed locally by your faculty or school. For example:

  • LAWS/JURS6000 level units
  • all courses in The University of Sydney School of Medicine 
  • some courses in The University of Sydney School of Dentistry.

You should check your unit of study Canvas page for more information. You can also contact your unit of study coordinator (listed in the unit of study descriptions in your handbook) for details about how your course will be delivered.

Timetable dates

The following key dates for 2023 are provisional and subject to change.

Event or deadline Date

To see a calendar view of key dates for each session, visit the session calendars page.

Adjustments and access for students with a disability

Please contact Inclusion and Disability Services before the start of each semester if you’d like help arranging adjustments or access for your timetable. If you are affected by long-term circumstances, such as a recurring medical condition, we encourage you to register with Inclusion and Disability Services. By registering you will gain access to the adjustments and services to support you to succeed in your studies.

In your timetable you can also click on the venue hyperlink to access information on the accessibility of each venue, including details on accessible equipment, hearing augmentation/visual impairment support and building features such as wheelchair accessible entrances, bathrooms and lifts available.

Key features of Sydney Timetable

Learn how to get started in Sydney Timetable with the video below.

Menu bar

Screenshot of menu bar
  • Timetable tab: view and adjust your timetable
  • Preferences tab: enter class preferences
  • Help: find help resources
  • Bell icon: view alerts of events affecting your timetable.
A screenshot showing the allocation status screen

Allocation status

A summary of your current enrolment details, including all your activity allocations, is in the top left-hand corner of the homepage.

  • Allocated – an activity type (for example, lecture or tutorial) has been allocated to your timetable.
  • Pending – you’ve made an action on an activity type, but the decision is pending. You do not need to take any further action.
  • Not Allocated – you need to take an action (for example, enter a preference).

Enrolment details and activity types

Your current enrolment details are shown in the ‘Enrolment’ box. Each unit of study will show different ‘activity types’, which are included in the subject. Examples of activity types include lectures, tutorials, workshops and laboratories.

Select an activity type to see the list of all the available classes. Additional details such as the class venue and time will also appear.

If you want to see the available classes for a unit of study you’re not enrolled in, you will need to use the search bar to find the unit.

The blue icon next to each of your enrolled units provides further information about the unit of study.

A screenshot showing an example of activity status

Activity status

A status appears in brackets next to each activity type in the ‘Enrolment’ box. You should check each activity status as it provides information about your allocations and any actions you may need to take.

The different activity statuses are:

  • Preference – you need to enter your preferences
  • Adjust –you are allocated to a class, but you can still change it
  • Select –you need to allocate yourself to a class
  • Read only – you’re already allocated to a class because there’s only one option or the period of time to make changes to your timetable is finished

Read-only and single option units

If you see a unit listed as read-only, it means you don’t have the option to enter preferences or make adjustments for this unit. For example, this may occur if you’re studying pharmacy, veterinary science, dentistry, or some project units, and you have a specific timetable you’ll need to follow.

Once the deadline for reviewing and adjusting your timetable for the semester has passed, all units will display as read-only as you can no longer make changes.

Similarly, if a unit is only offered as a single class and there aren’t alternative options for it, we will allocate you to that class and you will see the message ‘single option only’.

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Last updated: 11 April 2023

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