Digital solutions in cardiovascular disease prevention

Supporting cardiovascular treatments and care through digital solutions
In Australia, cardiovascular disease which includes heart attacks and strokes claims a life every 12 minutes. We are working towards improving preventative care through the development of digital health interventions designed to educate patients and reduce the number of secondary cardiovascular episode.

Our research in digital health interventions aims to:

  • Develop, evaluate and define high quality digital health interventions
  • Create a positive impact and outcome on cardiovascular disease
  • Implement digital health interventions that will reduce primary and secondary cardiovascular events in patients

The Charles Perkins Centre Westmead is based across the Westmead precinct. This provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with researchers and clinicians who work in an environment that deals with major chronic diseases on a daily basis. CPC Westmead is now firmly established within the clinical and research community across the Westmead Precinct. Our research explores digital health interventions that can positively influence people’s experiences of cardiovascular episodes through effective prevention treatments.

Our research has the potential to reduce repeat cardiovascular events in patients while educating patients through implementing digital health interventions into the everyday healthcare of patients. Our goal is to develop and evaluate DHIs that impact a CVD outcome and implement them into practice.

Internal collaborators

External collaborators

  • Associate Professor John Atherton, University of Queensland
  • Dr Emily Atkins, The George Institute for Global Health
  • Mr Tony Barry, The George Institute for Global Health
  • Associate Professor Tom Briffa, University of Western Australia
  • Professor Andrew Farmer, University of Oxford
  • Ms Cate Ferry, The Heart Foundation
  • Dr Shariful Islam, Deakin University
  • Professor Stephen Jan, The George Institute for Global Health
  • Dr Mohan Karunanithi, CSIRO
  • Professor Ralph Maddison, Deakin University
  • Dr Marlien Varnfield, CSIRO
  • Associate Professor Robyn Whittaker, University of Auckland


  • Solutions
  • Society and environment
  • Population


Project Node Leader

Professor Clara Chow
“Collaboration is key in developing and implementing good quality and effective digital health interactions. CPC fosters a new multidisciplinary environment that enables collaboration.”
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