Climate adaptation and health

Understanding the risk climate change poses on our health

Our climate is constantly changing. As increasingly high temperatures accelerate mortality and morbidity rates, our work explores the heightened health risks created by these climate issues.

Focusing on individual and population-based factors, we’re developing sustainable and effective interventions for maintaining good health during heat exposure. We’re also creating and implementing evidence-based public health guidance.

During a heat wave, the elderly, poor and those with pre-existing medical conditions are at the greatest risk of cardiovascular failure and renal collapse – the leading causes of death. Our work develops sustainable and effective measures to combat health issues that are aggravated by climate change.

In Australia, climate-related heat stress in the workplace is an occupational hazard. It causes an annual cost to productivity – more than 6.2 billion dollars. Environmental heat is also becoming a barrier to day-to-day physical activity, which is threatening our population’s regular physical activity – especially those who don’t have access to air-conditioned exercise spaces. 

Our research will reduce the rate of mortality from exposure to high temperatures. It will also offer solutions for the accessible maintenance of good health during heat exposure while providing an evidence-based model for public health.

Internal collaborators

External collaborators

  • Dr Liz Hanna, Australian National University
  • Sarah Perkins, University of New South Wales


  • Biology
  • Populations
  • Society and environment
  • Solutions


Project Node Leader

Dr Ollie Jay
Professor Ollie Jay
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