Griffiths Lab

Combining philosophy with biology
The Theory and Method in Biosciences Research group aims to harness the integrative potential of biological theory.

Griffiths Lab adds value by aiming to remove conceptual and methodological roadblocks to the advancement of science and by using high level biological theory, particularly an evolutionary perspective, to promote a more integrative approach to research questions.

Griffiths Lab is the University of Sydney component of the Theory and Method in Biosciences group, a collaboration between researchers at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University, led by Paul Griffiths and Pierrick Bourrat.

Our research bridges philosophy of science and the biological and biomedical sciences, with many group members holding degrees in both fields. The group is funded by research grants from the Australian Research Council, John Templeton Foundation, and other funders. Our grants support a vibrant, collaborative community of postdoctoral fellows, visiting fellows, PhD students, and undergraduate researchers.

  • Philosophy of Evolutionary Medicine
  • Function, Purpose, and Goal-directedness in Biology
  • Biological Individuality
  • Innateness, Heritability, and Human Nature
  • Causation in Biology

For further details on these projects, please visit our research page at Griffiths Lab.

  • Professor Paul Griffiths
  • Dr Pierrick Bourrat, Macquarie University
  • Dr Peter Takacs
  • Dr Carl Brusse
  • Dr Kate Lynch 
  • Dr Guilhem Doulcier, Macquarie University
  • Dr Andrew Roberts, Macquarie University
  • Axel Constant, PhD student
  • Walter Veit, PhD student
  • Si Qiao Ding, PhD student
  • Campbell Rider, PhD student

Research group leader

Photo of Professor Paul Griffiths
Professor Paul Griffiths
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