Lipid Metabolism Laboratory

Exploring links between obesity, energy, diabetes and cancer

Our work is focused on the regulation of lipid metabolism, its fatty acid storage and utilisation, and how this may be disturbed in chronic disease states such as cancer, obesity and insulin resistance.

The vision of the Lipid Metabolism Laboratory is to be an innovative, honest, and progressive laboratory that has a drive to make a real impact upon human health.

We have two major research themes:

Lipid metabolism and insulin resistance

  • understanding the links between obesity, energy excess and Type 2 diabetes

Lipid metabolism and cancer

  • understanding the relationship between obesity and cancer behaviour.

We aim to improve outcomes for patients living with breast and prostate cancer.

Current treatments are very effective in controlling cancer, but they have major side effects that impact quality of life. Our research will ensure radical treatments can be avoided by developing targeted and durable therapeutic strategies.

By better understanding the influence of these fats on the behaviour of the cancer cells, we will improve the diagnosis of cancer in the short term, enhance current treatments, and develop new treatments in the long term.

Our goal is to make a direct impact on clinical care for cancer patients worldwide.

Our work focuses on several areas:

  • understanding cellular metabolism and influences on intracellular pathways
  • exploring prostate and breast cancer metabolism and the interplay between cancer cells and fat cells
  • investigating skeletal muscle and liver insulin resistance and how storing excess fats may drive disease development.