Molecular Neuropathology Group

Combining neuropathology and immunobiology to understand brain inflammation.
Inflammation plays a central role in many neurological diseases ranging from ageing and neurodegenerative disorders to infection.

Our research aims to understand the factors that lead to brain inflammation and use this knowledge to help design new treatments. 

Our mission is to change the way we understand brain inflammation. From transcriptomics to immunohistochemistry, we combine cutting-edge molecular approaches with classical neuropathology techniques.

Our work spans numerous disease areas including interferonopathies, neurodegenerative diseases and maternal immunity. We have ongoing collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and clinicians to translate our findings into new therapies for neuroinflammatory diseases.  

From mental health to gut bacteria, the immune system of the brain can have far reaching consequences for the rest of the body.

We use our knowledge and experimental techniques to support a broad range of collaborations across many different aspects of biology.

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