Our research partners

Partnering in diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular research

Our partnerships help us achieve excellence in medical research, through unique collaborations and shared knowledge.

The Heart Research Institute is the main collaborative partner for the Charles Perkins Centre in the area of cardiovascular research. Affiliated with the University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA), HRI is an internationally recognised medical research institute that undertakes cutting-edge scientific discovery from our facility in Eliza Street, Newtown. Our mission is to improve global health through excellence in medical research by understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease.

Our Director of Cardiovascular Research, Professor Shaun Jackson is driving the cardiovascular agenda of HRI, the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre and Sydney Medical School. Professor Jackson’s role is to lead the recruitment of talented cardiovascular researchers, establish cardiovascular research themes within the HRI, the Charles Perkins Centre and Sydney Medical School, and ensure that these teams have the necessary resources and supporting infrastructure to perform research at the highest international level. “This model of collaborative research is a unique and wonderfully exciting opportunity to establish world-class CV research programs that are likely to have a major impact on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases”, said Professor Jackson.

This work is a continuation of existing collaborations between HRI and the University of Sydney. To date this cooperation has produced multiple scientific results and breakthroughs. It is hoped that this further collaboration will produce many more.

Charles Perkins Centre have incorporated Obesity Australia into the centre's operational activity, with Professor Stephen Simpson's appointment as Executive Director. The organisational missions are closely aligned as they strive toward finding real world solutions to some of humanity's most challenging health issues – diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and related conditions. Education and research are pillars of both organisations. The collaboration hopes to raise awareness, develop new strategies and achieve greater outcomes to benefit Australian society.

The Charles Perkins Centre Royal Prince Alfred Clinic (the CPC RPA Clinic) is a unique space within the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) dedicated to specialised healthcare and associated clinical research into obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related areas.

The Model of Care of the department is to provide, collaborative and integrated care to both patients and participants in a distinctive environment, where the clinical expertise of some of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Sydney Local Health District clinicians are supported by the benefits of research and education through The University of Sydney.

All clinical activity within the CPC RPA Clinic falls under the governance of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

The research mission of the CPC aligned with the vision of Sydney Local Health District ‘To achieve excellence in healthcare for all', provides both researchers and clinicians a clear path to translating their achievements in clinical research, into improvements in direct patient care over time.

The Charles Perkins Centre is a proud research partner of Sydney Research, a cooperative alliance which brings together leading expertise for research, healthcare and education.

Sydney Research is one of the largest research hubs in NSW. Key to this alliance is the partnership between Sydney Local Health District and its principal tertiary referral hospitals - Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Hospitals, the University of Sydney and 11 eminent medical research institutes, affiliates and centres of excellence.

As Qantas launches its transformative Dreamliner project, it’s working with the University’s transformative multidisciplinary Charles Perkins Centre on a unique evidence-based approach to improve customer’s and crew’s experience of long-haul flights.

This collaborative partnership between Qantas and our researchers will seek to discover ways to maximise customer and workplace health and the customer experience before, during and after long-haul travel.

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