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Achieve your ambitions with our Chinese Mandarin courses
Our Chinese Mandarin program is one of the best in Australia. We offer non-award short courses throughout the year, open to everyone.

Our Chinese language courses can help you further your career, expand your business, communicate with your Chinese customers and friends, or travel across China.

Our Chinese language courses are open to all adult learners and include free, optional Chinese Conversation classes throughout the term, delivered online by teachers live from China. 

Choose from our high-quality Chinese Mandarin programs to help you achieve your personal or professional goals. 

Please note: All our classes are currently being delivered via Zoom.

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Level Vocabulary range Standard (1 x 2 hrs per week) Intensive (2 x 2 hrs per week) Textbook

Beginner Level 1


1011 / 1012


Integrated Chinese
Volume 1



1021 / 1022


Integrated Chinese
Volume 1



1031 / 1032


Integrated Chinese
Volume 2



1041 / 1042


Integrated Chinese
Volume 2

Proficiency Testing (HSK Levels 1-3)

The HSK is a standardised testing system developed by Hanban (International Office of the Chinese Language Council).

Now used globally, the test provides learners with an excellent guide for their learning progress. The certificates are also portable, since the grading and results system is recognised at every Confucius Institute around the world. It is also the standard for institutes of higher education in China and Chinese language studies departments at major international universities.

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Vocabulary range Course
1x2hrs per week
10 week Course
Level 2
900 2011/2012 Integrated Chinese
Volume 3
  1080 2021/2022 Integrated Chinese
Volume 3
  1260 2031/2032 Integrated Chinese
Volume 4
  1500 2041/2042 Integrated Chinese
Volume 4

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Level Vocabulary range Course
1x 2hrs per week
10 week course
Advanced 1650 3011/3012 HSK Standard
Course 4A –
  1950 3021/3022 HSK Standard
Course 4B –
  2300 3031/3032 HSK Standard
Course 5A –
  3050 3041/3042 HSK Standard
Course 5B –

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Chinese Character recognition and writing course

(1x 2hrs per week, 10-week course)

This course is offered to students at any level but willing to master the writing and recognition of the Chinese characters. The course will focus on the most commonly Chinese character radicals to help students to have a better understanding of the Chinese written system.  

This course will contain 2 sessions and each session will be delivered over 10 weeks. Throughout the course, students will learn around 70 Chinese character radicals, together with a substantial amount of words and expressions. By taking this course, students will have an overview of the Chinese Written System and learn about the most commonly used radicals to acquire more Chinese characters. In this course, students will also be able to recognize the traditional Chinese characters while practising the simplified ones.



We also offer online one-on-one or small group Chinese language and culture tuition through Zoom. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet. We will arrange the online learning platform for you.  

  • One-on-one: $100 per 1 hour
  • Groups of two: $160 per 1 hour
  • A minimum booking of 4 sessions is required.
  • Lesson dates and times are based on your timetable as well as teacher’s availability (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).
  • A strict cancellation policy applies. At least 24 hours' notice (one business day) is required. Classes may only be rescheduled by agreement and are subject to teacher availability.

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Our tutors are dedicated, engaging and experienced

Every year, hundreds of Australians learn Chinese Mandarin with us.

Our tutors are experienced Chinese speaking teachers who use the latest teaching methods, developed alongside Sydney's leading Chinese language experts. Together, we've created one of Australia's most effective Chinese language programs.

Our courses are in line with the internationally recognised HSK learning progression and we use the highest-calibre textbooks to ensure we meet contemporary standards.

Once you have enrolled, you're also eligible to apply for our annual travel scholarships and China study tours.

Please note that academic credits are not available.

The course was well-structured, with achievable learning objectives and support. The tutor was excellent and provided good support for students.
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