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Achieve your ambitions with our Chinese Mandarin courses
Our Chinese Mandarin program is one of the best in Australia. We offer short courses throughout the year, open to everyone.

Our Chinese language courses can help you further your career, expand your business, communicate with your Chinese customers and friends, or travel across China.

Choose from our high-quality Chinese Mandarin programs to help you achieve your personal or professional goals. 

Our tutors are dedicated, engaging and experienced

Every year, hundreds of Australians learn Chinese Mandarin with us.

Our tutors are experienced native Chinese teachers who use the latest teaching methods, developed with Sydney's leading Chinese language experts. Together, we've created one of Australia's most effective Chinese language programs.

Our courses are in line with the internationally recognised HSK learning progression and we use the highest-calibre textbooks to ensure we meet contemporary standards.

Once you have enrolled you're also eligible to apply for our annual travel scholarships and China study tours.

Please note that academic credits are not available.

Select your course

Level Vocabulary range Standard (1 x 2 hrs per week) Intensive (2 x 2 hrs per week) Textbook

Foundation Level 1


1011 / 1012


Integrated Chinese
Level 1 Part 1



1021 / 1022


Integrated Chinese
Level 1 Part 1



1031 / 1032


Integrated Chinese
Level 1 Part 2



1041 / 1042


Integrated Chinese
Level 1 Part 2

Foundation Level 2


2011 / 2012


Integrated Chinese
Level 2 Part 1



2021 / 2022


Integrated Chinese
Level 2 Part 1



2031 / 2032


Integrated Chinese
Level 2 Part 2



2041 / 2042


Integrated Chinese
Level 2 Part 2

We offer this course in partnership with the University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education (CCE). Registration is managed by the CCE on behalf of the Confucius Institute.

Proficiency Testing (HSK Levels 1-3)

The HSK is a standardised testing system developed by Hanban (International Office of the Chinese Language Council), one of our lead partners.

Now used globally, the test provides learners with an excellent guide to their learning progress. The certificates are also portable, because the grading and results system is recognised at every Confucius Institute around the world. It is also the standard for institutes of higher education in China and Chinese language studies departments in major international universities.

HSK Preparation Courses (Level 4-5)

If you are an advanced learner and have successfully completed our foundation courses, you can enrol in the HSK course sequence.

These newly designed courses build your proficiency with complex grammar patterns, conversational topics, concepts and vocabulary. Together, we will work to grow your vocabulary from around 1500 words to 2050 and, by the end of HSK Level 5, to 2500.

As Australian businesses grow closer ties and deepen their trading relationships with China, the demand for high-quality language training increases. We are a leader in providing language and culture training in workplaces and have continued to refine and enhance our corporate training programs.

Take advantage of our in-house course delivery, it’s a flexible, efficient and tailor-made solution for business executives or individuals or small business teams. If you are time poor, this is an ideal option.

Apart from the language, we also focus on:

  • Chinese culture core values and popular thinking
  • history and importance of common social customs and traditions
  • understanding the subtexts of conversational exchanges
  • avoiding the common mistakes made by those new to Chinese culture.
  • One-to-one: $130 per hour
  • Groups of two: $220 per hour
  • Groups of three: $300 per hour
  • Groups of four to six: $360 per hour
  • Groups of seven or more: by arrangement

Please note the following.

  • Training is available for sites in Sydney’s CBD.
  • A minimum booking of 10 sessions is required.
  • Lesson dates and times are based on your timetable as well as teacher’s availability (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).
  • A strict cancellation policy applies. At least 24 hours' notice (one business day) is required. Classes may only be rescheduled by agreement and are subject to teacher availability.

We also offer one-to-one or small group Chinese language and culture tuition on the University of Sydney’s main campus in Camperdown.

  • One-to-one: $100 per 1 hour
  • Groups of two: $160 per 1 hour

Please refer to 'Corporate in-house training' for details.

The course was well-structured, with achievable learning objectives and support. The tutor was excellent and provided good support for students.
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