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2022 Alumni and Supporter Census

Building a picture of our growing community

Every 10 years we conduct a census to measure the impact of our distinguished network of more than 400,000 alumni and supporters, who are making valuable economic, social and cultural contributions all around the world.

If you are a graduate or have recently donated to the University, you will receive a digital link or paper invitation to complete the 2022 Alumni and Supporter Census before the end of March.

The information you provide in this survey will form a statistical and demographic snapshot of our growing community of alumni and supporters.

We do this for a few reasons:

  • Your responses provide valuable insights that help to shape the University's strategy and its future direction.
  • Your responses help us to better understand our community so that we can be more purposeful and thoughtful in our communication and engagement with you.
  • Your responses tell a story about the impact of the University and the impact you have had on the world. We want to celebrate that and inspire others with your collective achievements.

As a way to thank you for your time, when you complete the survey, you will have the option to enter the draw to win one of five $1,000 Visa gift cards.


What you need to do


Update your contact details to receive the census.

Update your contact details today

Look out for your unique digital link or paper invitation via email or mail starting from February.

Can't locate yours? Request support

Complete the census by the end of April and enter your details in the draw to win one of five $1,000 Visa gift cards.

View the competition terms and conditions (pdf, 288kb)

Frequently asked questions

The information you provide in this survey will be managed in accordance with our privacy collection notice (pdf, 44kb) and the University’s privacy statement

If you have any questions or feedback about the census, please refer to the frequently asked questions below or contact:

The Alumni and Supporter Census is a 15-minute survey that the Advancement Portfolio within the University of Sydney sends out every 10 years. If we have an up-to-date email address for you, or if you are based internationally, you should receive it electronically.

If not, and we have a valid Australian postal address for you, you should receive a hard copy. As email will be the primary mode of communication, please ensure we hold the best email address for you by updating your details.

Much like any population census, it’s the best way of building an accurate picture of our global alumni and supporter community so that we can celebrate your achievements, give you an opportunity to provide feedback and shape the future direction of the University. Completing the census will also enable us to better tailor our engagement and communications with you.

You should expect to receive your invitation to complete the census from mid-February 2022. The official census period will run until the end of April 2022. 

If we have a valid email address for you, and you haven’t opted out of email communications, you should expect to receive your link to complete the census link via email. You will also receive your link via email if you are based outside of Australia. The link you receive will be unique to you, so please don’t forward it on.

If we only hold an Australian postal address for you, you can expect to receive a paper census questionnaire. If you receive the census via post, you can choose to complete the hard copy and send it back or use the link or QR code included in your census pack to complete the survey online.  

Not sure if your contact details are up to date? You can update them online now

The census will ask a range of questions about the lives, careers and community involvement of our alumni and supporters. These responses will help to provide insights into our graduates’ employment and living status, as well as your interest areas and the type of information you’d like to receive from the University. 

We’ll also ask for your opinions and connection with the University, your philanthropic views, and the role you’d like the University to play in your life. In addition, the University is about to embark on its next all-of-institution strategy, and we will include some questions that invite your feedback on the University's future. Our goal is to ask questions covering the full range of ways that alumni and supporters engage with the University.

We will share key insights when all the analysis has been completed later this year. This will demonstrate trends and highlights, rather than individual responses, which will be managed in accordance with the University’s privacy statement

A graduate of the University of Sydney is always a graduate. We still want to stay in touch, share news that’s relevant to you and understand where your career has taken you, no matter how long ago you graduated.  

As you move through your career and into different life stages, your interests have likely changed, and no doubt your contact details have too! We want to be able to engage with you in the way that is most meaningful for you today.   

The information you provide to the University of Sydney in the census survey will form a statistical and demographic snapshot of our alumni, friends and supporters. Completing the survey is entirely voluntary, but the information you provide will be of great assistance to us.

We will use the information to better plan our events and communications and provide services in areas of particular interest to you. It will also be used to update our records about you to ensure they are current and complete.

Finally, we hope that the statistical insights of the census survey will provide a clearer picture of the extent to which the University's graduates and supporters make a contribution to the wider world and the way in which a graduate’s education at the University has helped to make that possible. At a time when the value of education is a subject of public debate, we think it's more important than ever that these stories are told.

Like all University alumni and supporter information, the Advancement Portfolio will be the custodians of all the responses, held securely in its database which is the University repository for all graduate and supporter information at the University, and managed according to strict privacy and security protocols.

The University has engaged an external agency, Pollinate, to conduct the census and its analysis. Pollinate is a trusted supplier with which we have a services agreement and with whom the University has worked on numerous similar projects. For the purposes of the census, Pollinate is the data processor and will handle your information only for the purposes of the census data collection and in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Your personal information will not be used for any other purposes. The University’s privacy collection notice for the census is below.

The Advancement Portfolio will provide a consolidated set of non-identifying census insights in conjunction with our internal marketing team and Pollinate to relevant teams across the University for strategic planning and engagement purposes.

The University’s privacy collection notice for the survey explains how your personal information will be collected and secured during the census process.

All questions in the census are completely voluntary. We hope that you’ll help us to build the best picture possible of our community by answering all the questions, but if there are questions you would prefer not to answer, you can skip it and move on to the next question.

Pollinate is a strategic research consultancy, based in Sydney, which the University is partnering with to run the Alumni and Supporter Census.

Pollinate has worked with the University for many years and is a trusted supplier. Find out more about their work.

If you have any questions about Pollinate, they can be contacted at 

The University takes its obligations to privacy and privacy legislation very seriously, and best practice in undertaking a census of this type requires that we avoid pre-populating fields where we already hold data, to help ensure that your privacy and data is carefully maintained. 

The census is just that – an exercise in getting to know more about our alumni and supporter community and what they’re doing, and there are several reasons why we are doing it. Engagement, including communications, volunteering and philanthropy are all part of what we hope to do better when we know more about our community.  

We also hope to tell the story of the impact of our graduates and supporters, and how they make the wider world a better place. It is a story we want to tell to the government, to the wider Australian and international community, and to you, our graduates and supporters. We also want you to talk to us through this census - tell us what you think the next ten years of the University's story should look like.

While philanthropy is one possible way in which the census will help us better engage with our community, it is one of many ways in which this exercise will make a big difference. 

No, the University will not sell your data to a third party. 

The University has security measures in place to safeguard personal information from misuse, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure, including those in the University’s Cyber Security Policy. In addition, the census activity will follow the University's privacy statement

If you are a University staff member and have any questions about the Alumni and Supporter Census, please contact the Advancement Portfolio at