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Your alumni community

The story of Sydney is more than numbers

In 2022, University of Sydney alumni and supporters participated in a census to measure the impact of our community and to shape our future strategy. The responses we gathered tell the story of Sydney.

What you told us

Through the 2022 Alumni and Supporter Census, more than 16,000 alumni and supporters shared their achievements, views, and experiences with us. The results represent a truly global alumni cohort who are advancing technologies, employing thousands of people, and mentoring the next generation.

They volunteer in large numbers, serve on boards, and share our vision for research that addresses the world's greatest challenges. They include an Archibald Prize Winner, the first Australian-born astronaut to fly in space, and the engineer credited with creating WiFi as we know it. And for every alumni success story we know about, there are thousands more.

Facts & figures

Census highlights

  • 430,000+ University of Sydney alumni and counting
  • 16,000+ Alumni and Supporter Census responses
  • 200+ countries and regions where alumni live and work
  • 40% volunteer giving back is a shared value
The results of the Alumni and Supporter Census give us a clear picture of Sydney’s alumni: a cohort who are contributors to their fields, their communities, and the economy. A cohort who we are immensely proud of.
Professor Mark Scott AO, Vice-Chancellor and President

Our alumni influence is felt worldwide across more than 200+ countries and regions 

From multinational organisations to local businesses, University of Sydney alumni are employed in meaningful and impactful work in more than 200 countries and regions. Together they are improving the world around us and making valuable economic, social and cultural contributions to society.

Shaded world map to show which countries have the most alumni living in them. The top X countries include the numbers of alumni: Australia with 101,282; China with 23,446; Singapore with 5,892; Hong Kong with 4,201; the US with 2,985; the UK with 2,350; Malaysia with 2,028; and Canada with 1,425

Where our alumni are based around the world.

Our alumni are employed across a wide range of industries

Of the alumni who are currently employed, 77 per cent are working full-time, which exceeds the national average according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Thirty-eight per cent told us they received a scholarship during their studies, and have since gone onto work across a wide range of industries.

Two black and white pie charts. The first shows employment: 77% of alumni who are employed are working full time, and 23% are working part time. The second shows that 38% of alumni report receiving a scholarship during their time at University.
Education and training 17% Medicine, health and community services 12%
Healthcare and social assistance 10% Professional, scientific and technical services 6%
Finance, banking and insurance 5% IT, telecommunications and technology 5%
Government, admin, policy and defence 5% Business and consulting 5%
Law and legal services 4% Charitable organisations and non-profit 4%
Arts, cultural and entertainment services 4% Engineering and construction 3%

Our alumni are leaders and lifelong learners

Many of our alumni have started successful businesses, invested in innovative start-ups and are creating employment opportunities for others. Ensuring today’s challenges are not passed on to future generations, our alumni are pioneering innovative solutions to global challenges.



alumni currently elected to federal parliament



of the Australians awarded a Nobel Prize are Sydney alumni



of alumni told us they are currently pursuing further study

Alumni stories

I will always be glad I undertook my degree at the University of Sydney as a shy, introverted 17-year-old. It was challenging, but it extended me and formed a true foundation on which to build my own strengths and capabilities, leading to a career as a well-grounded manager in the arts and community sectors.
Peta Williams (BMus 79), Consultant for the arts and community services sectors

Our alumni are active in their communities

Our alumni lead by example, giving generously to others through donations, volunteering, mentoring and serving on boards. On average, alumni volunteers give 900 hours of their time to more than 90 University volunteering programs each month.

I have been awarded for my achievements and recognised within my profession internationally, nationally and with an Order of Australia. However, the most rewarding work had been volunteering to promote capacity building in developing countries over the past 22 years.
Jenny Ball AM (BAppSc(Phty) 81), Physiotherapist

Our alumni value our role in shaping a better future for all

Our alumni want to see the University continue to strengthen our research, use our voice in the community and keep them connected to their fellow alumni. They also place value on our industry partnerships, lifelong learning opportunities, and providing student support.

They list the top three most important roles for the University to play over the next five years as:



be a leading voice and advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People



reconnect them with their alumni cohort

Alumni stories

What we are doing

Alumni feedback has shaped our ambitious 2032 Strategic Plan, which strives to ensure our work is more compelling and more important to society than at any other time in our history. Under our 2032 Strategy we will pursue aspirations focused on delivering sustained and consistent excellence and developing the flexibility and resilience to keep pace with – or ahead of – the changes we will inevitably experience in an increasingly fluid and unpredictable world.


Our aspirations

When people speak about the University of Sydney in 2032, what will they say? What will we be known for?

Our commitment to our shared mission drives a strong sense of unity across the University: we work together to bring our energy and focus to the value our work can provide for the world.

Data based on approximately 14,700 online responses to the 2022 Alumni and Supporter Census, as well as University of Sydney records

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